Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Count Down Begins

This is going to be a very quick post, we just came home from the drive-in movie. We went and saw The Simpson's Movie, and Transformers, we had to leave in the middle of Transformers because the kids had fallen asleep and started getting restless. Teddy was fighting to keep his eyes open, he and Robbie went to Great America yesterday and then had a sleep over at Sherry's house. They were up late and didn't sleep in this morning, so it finally caught up to them. We had fun at the movies, it was our first time. I remember my mom taking us when we were kids, it was such an outing! Loading the car up with treats, popcorn, pop, and don't forget your pillow! I would wear my pajamas because I would always fall asleep! I wanted to give my kids the same memory, although I don't remember my mom yelling at me to stay in my "spot"!! There was only so much room, I folded down the third seat to make more room so they could lounge a bit(I have a Suburban). Well, I didn't realize how big they have gotten, they didn't really fit like I had pictured! Helen was the first to fall asleep, then Noah, Grace, Robbie, Katie, and Teddy fell asleep on the way home. They are all tucked in their beds fast asleep, I hope they had a good time.

On Saturday we celebrated my brother Rick's 50th birthday!! He and Anne Marie rented one of those jumping houses, my kids had a blast!! Noah didn't want to get in at first, as soon as I went in with him, he didn't want to get out. Yeah, I said I went in, hard to believe? There is definitely a reason why you do those things when you are young!!! I did enjoy the feeling of freedom by just jumping around, and I did get a kick out of all the kids and how silly they all looked. Can you imagine if they looked silly how I must have looked to them!!!

The count down begins, this week-end is my reunion, I can't wait! After the reunion I have asked Peter's friends (I now consider them my friends), to join me for a birthday drink since my birthday is on Sunday, and how often do I get out!! It sounds like it will be a good turn out, I really need to be surrounded by friends this week-end. We are coming up on the one year anniversary of Peter's death, he was supposed to die on my birthday last year. The last gift he ever gave me was making it three days past my day, I know he was trying to get as far away from it as possible. I have been getting teary-eyed again lately just thinking about him and how far the kids and I have come from a year ago. I have noticed they have been naughtier than usual and it makes me wonder if they too are having the same feelings as they had last year at this time.

Katie and Grace did not participate in the church programs this past week-end, but Teddy and Robbie did. Teddy had the lead role in two of the skits, he did an awesome job, I was very proud of him. Robbie also did a good job, he was a supporting role, no lines. They sang a couple of songs after the skits, I tried to get the girls to join but they would have no part of it. The two of them had been singing one of the songs constantly at home, what can you do?

I hope all of you have a nice week-end, if you are going to the National Convention, don't forget to stop by our table and meet Sherry, she's looking forward to it!!!:-)

Until next time-
Take Care,

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