Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Critter Phobia

A few months ago I had my debit card information stolen, the person purchased airline tickets to Bangkok. I don't understand how you can purchase something like that with a stolen identity, don't you have to show identification in order to receive your tickets? I have been extremely careful ever since, I have added more security to my computer. Today I was trying to renew and upgrade (I think I'm a bit paranoid now!), it took me all day to figure it all out. I finally got it taken care of, I feel much safer now. It is such an icky feeling knowing someone was seeing my personal information, and pretending to be me. This program I have now surprised me when I tried to get onto Hollywood Farm Girl's blog (Tammy Etheridge, Melissa's wife), and it wouldn't let me. It told me I was blocked because of adult content but I could override it if I had the password. Let me tell you, it was definitely a pleasant surprise, I feel much better knowing the kids won't stumble on to anything. Ted and Robbie love to play computer games, they keep asking for a game cube. I think Santa might bring them a PlayStation instead, I have heard there are more games out there for that system. Along with that will come a lot of rules, I will not let them abuse it. I can picture Ted right now playing it non-stop, that is why they haven't gotten one yet. They have been such good kids, and it's something they really want and would make them extremely happy. I know it will be a Christmas they will never forget, a happy memory, they need more of those.

Sunday the youth group from the Greek church came over and got rid of lots of weeds in a corner of my yard. It took them one hour! I had been putting it off because I knew it would take me a long time to get it cleaned up. I am so happy it's done, and even more happier I didn't have to do it!! My yard looks so much cleaner now. I am so grateful to have such wonderful people looking out for me. I am hoping my kids will be involved with the group when they get older.

Helen has the sniffles and I think I'm fighting them off. I am ready for my pj's and a cup of hot tea. Helen had a costume parade today at school, she was dressed as a sorceress and looked very cute. She is going to be a kitty princess for Halloween, the costume is too dainty and pink for her to wear to school. Helen is not the most graceful, I pictured the costume coming home ripped and covered with chocolate! She goes to Roosevelt Elementary School, they were celebrating his birthday today. When she came home she took the costume off and about ten minutes later wanted it back on! She has the next four days off, my other kids had last Thursday and Friday off, it would have been nice if they were on the same schedule, we could sleep in!!:0)

Last week after the kids went to bed I was folding clothes in my bedroom, my bed is the best place to lay out the clothes. They had been in bed at least 45 min., I had been folding for about 30min.. I stepped closer to my bed at one point and felt something soft. I have a phobia with mice, I don't know if there is a name for it, maybe Critter Phobia, whatever it may be, I have it, BIG TIME! My mind started racing, what the heck is under my bed, I hope it's not a critter! If it is, did I squish it? Is it dead now? What should I do, should I look, do I really have to? What am I going to do with it, how am I going to get rid of it? I don't think I have any more latex gloves, I know, I'll use my Playtex gloves. I can't believe I have a critter!! What if it's still alive!!?! Oh my gosh, I hop on the bed, what to do, what to do!!!! Okay, I'll feel with my foot again and see if it's still there, it is! It feels a lot bigger than before, what is under my bed? Maybe a bigger critter, a monster of some sort! I move the bed ruffle out of the way to get a better look, I see...........a tiny little hand, a hand that resembles his father's so much it warms my heart. Noah had climbed out of his bed, something he does all the time. On this night he thought he would hide from me by going under my bed. Little did he know the sandman would find him before I did.

Until next time-
Take Care,
PS- I don't know what's up with the font and layout of this blog, I made no changes to my format! Sorry if it's hard to read, I'll check it again tomorrow (after a good night's sleep) and see if I can fix it.

****UPDATE: I have tried to make this blog entry similar to my others. Like I said last night, I did nothing different and can't figure out why it so much smaller and harder to read. I have made the font larger, so it's a little easier to tolerate, sorry I couldn't fix it.

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