Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Getting Staples Out

It has been a crazy busy day, I can't believe the day is almost over. I took Grace to get her staples out, it did not go well. Her hair was caught in the staples so it was hard for the nurse to remove them. We tried holding her still but that didn't work. She was moving so much the nurses had to restrain her, it was awful. After a lot of crying they finally got them out. Our first stop after that was Dairy Queen, for a chocolate dilly bar! Every now and then she would start to cry and tell me her "bleed" was hurting. Once we got home and had some lunch, all was fine.

Last Thursday we went to the Cub Scout Halloween party, the boys had a good time. Robbie is going to be Winnie The Pooh and Ted is going to be a Ninja. When they were getting their costumes on Ted said to Robbie, "I wouldn't wear that costume, everyone is going to make fun of you!" Robbie said, "So, I don't care, I want to be Winnie The Pooh!" I was so proud of him, he definitely has Peter's confidence. I never did hear anyone comment on his costume, maybe because he looks so darn cute in it!! One of the activities was to fish, with your mouth, for gummy worms buried in cool whip, not using your hands. The kids had a blast, Robbie had cool whip from head to toe! Then it was the adults turn. Ted came and asked me if I would do it, I couldn't turn down that face. I won! I was blowing out cool whip from my nose for two days!!!

Helen is still having a hard time listening to her teachers when it's time to get off the playground. She has had a couple of days where she did listen, she got a special treat for it.(thanks DonnaJean for the suggestion) Let's hope she will start to listen all the time!!

We had a good time at Gigi Fest on Sunday, the kids loved getting popcorn, cotton candy, taffy apples and juice all by themselves. I don't think I saw half of what they ate that day!! We stopped for hamburgers on the way home, Ted didn't finish his. I can't remember the last time he didn't finish his hamburger, he is the hamburger king! Thank you Lily for watching Katie, Grace, and Noah, and bringing them to the party. While I was putting things in my car, Helen found the pit with balls that you jump into. I looked over in her direction and no longer saw her so I automatically started looking for her. I looked all around and didn't see her anywhere, I asked Sherry if she saw her and she said no. I walked closer to the balls, there she was, buried up to her neck! She was in Heaven!! Lily and Sherry both tried to get her out, she would have no part of that. There was another little girl Helen's age who was giving her mom a hard time too. They both just laid there, the little girl had her head resting on Helen's legs, and they were content. The other mom lifted her daughter out of the balls, and I did the same. Helen wasn't very happy with me, she grunted and tried to work her way back into them. I was working up a sweat! I finally got her away from them and into the car. We weren't even in the car for 2 minutes when I had four sleeping kids.

It's going to be a loooooong week-end, Ted, Robbie, and Katie are off from school until Monday! Hopefully the weathermen are wrong and we will have blue skies so they can play outside!

Until next time-
Take Care,

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