Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tank Too Heden...One More Heden

On Saturday we all went to Robbie's den meeting, he is a Tiger Cub with the Cub Scouts. His achievements are done with the family, they are divided by, family activity, den activity, and go see it. Saturday we met with the other Tiger Cub families at Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee to tour the fire department there. It was very interesting, they are unlike other fire departments because they mostly deal with fuel fires, which are very hot. The trucks hold all of the water because there are no underground pipes out on the runways. We saw many planes land and take off while we were there. We were very close to the runways because we were on the back side of the airport. One of the dad's is a Sergeant in the National Guard and set up the tour for us. We were also able to tour a fuel plane while we were there, it is one of those huge military planes that fuel the other planes in the air. That was very cool! We were unable to tour the dad's plane, his is a Mediplane. They had just gotten back from picking up soldiers who had fought in Afghanistan and dropped them off at different airports across the country, so his plane was dirty.

After we were done at the airport we headed to Sherry's to see The Bee Movie. The theatre in her town charges $3.00 per person, kids 3 and under are free. If I took all of the kids to a regular priced theatre, we would never go! They all enjoyed the movie, except Noah, he was too busy checking out the floor, the people behind us, the wall.... At least he didn't get out of hand with the noise level, there were only a couple of times when I had to shush him. Helen did a great job, I was really nervous about her making too much noise. The last movie we went to she was very disruptive. She was happy sitting there as long as she got to hold the popcorn box, all was fine.

Sunday we just hung out at home, I had a lot of catching up to do with the laundry. It is so nice hanging out and not doing much of anything, it was a lazy day. When I was downstairs, Helen and Noah were with me. We were heading back upstairs, Noah had this big firetruck, I think it was bigger than him. He couldn't get it up the stairs, it was too heavy. Helen was following him and was waiting patiently for him to figure out what his next move was. He asked her for help so she lifted the truck on to the next stair. Noah said, "Tank too Heden" (pause) "One more, Heden." Helen lifted the truck again and Noah said, "Tank too Heden" (pause) "One more, Heden." Again Helen lifted the truck up the stair. This went on for 10 stairs until they finally reached the top. Noah had a smile on his face, grabbed the firetruck and ran away. Helen turned to me with a big smile on her face, she was very proud of herself for helping him, and I was too. I told her what a great job she did, we high fived and went on our way. What a great feeling to see your kids helping each other, instead of fighting!!

Ted is getting braces! I knew he needed them, he has two extra front teeth that have caused the other two front teeth to grow in crooked. He will be having the extra teeth pulled in a couple of weeks and then the braces go on two weeks after that. He will have them by Christmas. He is really looking forward to getting them, he hasn't really smiled like he used to since the teeth came in crooked. I already see a difference in him, I can't wait until he feels confident again. It's amazing how that can effect a child's self esteem. I will let you know how everything goes, I'm not looking forward to the visit to the oral surgeon!
I'm off to relax a bit, hopefully sleep will happen quickly, but that's another story!

Until next time-
Take Care,
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