Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Tooth Fairy, Again!

I can't believe it's Wednesday again, where does the time go? Last night at the church my mom was buried from, they had a memorial service for all of the people who passed away this past year. It was very nice, the choir was beautiful, they brought tears to my eyes. They said the name of the person who died and the family went up to the altar and lit a candle for them. My kids were all there and did a very good job, I only had to say, "quiet", a few times. The older woman sitting in front of us told me during the sign of peace, my kids were so well behaved. I told her not usually, it was late and they were tired. It is an hour drive from my house to the church, the girls and Noah had fallen asleep on the way. I think they were still a little sleepy, in fact, Helen was sleeping on Sherry's lap! At the end of the service we were invited to go and light a candle for anyone else we wanted to, so the kids and I lit candles for Peter. They served munchies and juice after, my kids liked this part. Robbie made a plate for the drive home, he even covered it with a napkin! On the drive home, the girls and Noah all went to sleep right away, Ted and Robbie were awake for awhile. Ted was doing his homework, and Robbie was bugging him. It wasn't long after Ted finished his work that he and Robbie were asleep also. When we got home I was getting them in their pj's, Helen told me, "Mommy, I had fun!", I chuckled, she slept the whole time!

Katie had a visit from the tooth fairy last night, she received a dollar for her first tooth. She was so excited this morning, me too, I didn't forget this time!!!! She carried her dollar around all morning and was trying to figure out what she was going to buy with it. I promised her ice cream yesterday because of the ordeal she went through. On Monday when she was leaving school she tripped on her backpack while climbing the stairs, she fell on her mouth. The school didn't realize she had hit her mouth because Katie wouldn't let them take a good look, and, she doesn't talk. They told me she had bit her tongue a little bit and the bleeding had stopped. She wouldn't let me take a look either so I waited until we got home. I didn't see anything either, her tongue looked fine so I gave her a Popsicle and chalked it up to a lesson learned. I was changing Noah's diaper when Katie came into the room excited, "Mommy, look, my tooth is loose!" I was excited for her, until I took a better look. Her gums were bruised, her teeth were loose and bleeding, and the underside of her lip was bruised, bleeding, and swollen. It looked awful and painful! I called the dentist right away and explained what happened, they squeezed us in for the next day. Meanwhile, the excitement has now been replaced with pain, Katie is crying and telling me her mouth really hurts. I gave her some Tylenol and told her to lay on the couch, she fell asleep. She slept through dinner, I don't think she would have eaten anyway. When she did wake up I gave her a couple more Popsicles, that seemed to help. I kept her home from school because she was still in a little pain. The dentist took a look and said it looked a lot worse than it was. She had broken her front top tooth, but there wasn't any other permanent damage. We could either wait and let the tooth fall out by itself, or bond it to the tooth next to it in order to strengthen it a bit. I was trying to make up my mind, I wanted the choice that had the least amount of pain associated with it. I was leaning towards letting it fall out on it's own when Katie said, "Mommy, it really hurts me." Well, that did it, she decided for me, the tooth was going to get pulled. She did some screaming and crying, but she did a good job! She was a changed girl after that tooth came out, she was no longer in pain and she was laughing, so I know I made the right choice. She is one tooth less but one dollar richer!

Until next time-
Take Care,

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sue!

Isn't it amazing when we need to make choices and decisions, (all by ourselves, with no spouse there to help) that sometimes our children end up making the RIGHT decision for us! It sounds like that happened for you and Katie.

So many times since I have been a single Mom, I have made wrong decisions, and we have had to live through the aftermath. But now, as I look back on it, it wasn't necessarily a "wrong" decision, it was just a "faulty" decision, and nothing terrible really happened!! Yes, there were some consequences, some I still have to deal with, but life does go on.

It sounds like you and your family are very involved in your Greek Church, and that they are very supportive of you and your family. They seem to have quite a few "rememberance" services, which I think is wonderful!

This past weekend, November 4th to be exact would have been my 37th wedding anniversary. Every year I go through the "mourning" period. The what ifs, and the why me's. This year was a bit more tough than I realized. I posted on the Ross blog, and I was very proud of myself for being so "open and honest" about my feelings. How I ordered our favorite food, drank some wine and watched movies that meant alot to me.

I guess I was trying to fool myself. It hit me harder than I thought. I haven't been back to the Ross Blog since I posted on Sunday. Just don't have it in me yet. But, I am sure it will all be fine. Just needed a little more time than I first thought.

All of your children sound so wonderful. I know, good days, bad days, but they are always FULL days!!!

I wish you the very best every day! Every day bring with it new challenges, new happinesses and Thank God, another night of sleep!!! Moms never get enough of that!

Till later, my friend, Peace, Donna

DonnaJean said...

Sue, I forgot to add my name!!!!
(just like on the Ross blog, hilarious, I am NOT a troll or Anonymous!!!)

Love ya, DonnJean

Sue said...


I'm hoping I don't make too many "faulty" decisions in my lifetime. I'm trying to learn from my mom's mistakes. I always try to think what my mom did when things happened to us.

It wasn't the Greek church, it was the Catholic church we went to. My husband was Greek, I'm Catholic, and I'm raising the kids in both religions (or at least, trying to). Our plan was to be active in both, me with mine, and he with his. Now that he is gone I have to step up to the plate and do my best. Both faiths have been very supportive to us.

Happy Anniversary, sorry you are having such a tough time. On October 4th it would have been our 10th anniversary, I didn't mention it to anybody. It does hit harder than you expect. I too did the what ifs and why mes, it's a natural thought process. I hope you are doing better soon.

I have been to the Ross blog only to watch and read his posts, I haven't had time to get to the comments. They are a good group of people, I'm sure they are waiting to welcome you back with open arms. They are probably wondering about you and are hoping you are doing okay.

You hang in there my friend, and thank you for all the support.
(((((((Hugs))))))) from all of us here in my household, hope it helps.