Thursday, May 15, 2008

Put An Egg On It

I hope all of you Mom's and Grandma's out there had a Happy Mother's Day, that includes those of you with fur babies too! I had a nice day, the weather was a bit gloomy so we stayed indoors. The kids made me nice homemade gifts at school, those are really the best. Katie's class made a cookbook, thank goodness she's talking or I wouldn't have gotten one. The teacher asked each of them what their favorite food was and how to cook it. Katie's is spaghetti, she said she never watched me cook it so she didn't know exactly how to make it. She did know you put sauce on it, and maybe cook it for 24 hours! I can't tell you how thrilled I am to see her talking at school, she is just like all the other kids now. Grace's class also did a cookbook, I sent in a recipe for her favorite dish, and the teacher talked to her about it. Grace loves pizza, so I sent in a recipe for frozen pizza. When asked how to cook it, she said, "You put it in the oven for 2 minutes." How funny, it gives you an idea of how kids interpret time. When Robbie was in preschool his recipe was for Greek meatballs, he loved when his Papou(Grandpa) would bring meatballs home from the restaurant. I got the recipe from him and sent it to school. When the cookbook came out, Robbie said he didn't know how to make meatballs but did know how to make a bologna sandwich. You take bread and put bologna on it and then put an egg on it! At the time he loved fried egg sandwiches, along with bologna sandwiches, so in his mind he just combined the two to make one awesome sandwich! I really enjoy those cookbooks!

I went to a wake on Monday night, Peter's aunt on his dad's side passed away. I'm not very close with his extended family, but felt I needed to go out of respect, and to be Peter's representative. I drove to Peter's sister Lily's house and went with her and my father-in-law, I definitely didn't want to go alone. Like Lily said, I would have been thrown to the wolves! I'm glad I went.

The end of the school year is getting very busy, the kids have field trips and picnics. We have the awards ceremony for Daisy scouts tonight, and next week we have cross over for the cub scouts. Katie has sports day coming up and then before we know it, she will be graduating from kindergarten. Time is just flying by, before I know it, I'll be getting ready for Noah to graduate from High School. Sherry's oldest is graduating this year, I can't believe it. I used to watch him when he was a baby, where does the time go? We are going to have a combined party, Alex's graduation and Noah's 3rd birthday. I think it's perfect because Alex is Noah's Godfather, what a nice memory for both of them.

I have a ton of things to get done today, so I better get started. My priority is the yard, those dandelions have got to go! Hopefully I will be able to get rid of them with the weed control I bought. The kids wanted to pick them all to make them go away, I wish it were that easy! With six kids picking dandelions, they'd have the yard cleaned up in no time at all! Not to mention the money I could have saved!

Until next time-
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