Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gastro and Cardio

This week Helen had appointments with her tummy doctor and her heart doctor. We headed north to Milwaukee for one, and south towards Chicago for the other. The kids enjoyed the long car trips, especially the one towards Chicago. When we went to the tummy doctor in Milwaukee, we were in a room with a view of the construction. My stomach would get little "pings" every time one of the kids got close to the window. I don't know how those construction workers do it everyday, I would be too nervous! They are adding on to the Children's Hospital, it's starting to look nice. The doctor asked me how things are going with Helen's diet, he didn't act very pleased when I told him she has had gluten, by accident. I do my best, I can't help it if she takes from the other kids when I am not looking. I tried to ban snack crackers from the house because of this issue. It is such an easy snack and the kids love them, I thought it wasn't fair. I bought Helen her own crackers, but, of course, they don't taste as good. Putting the whole family on a gluten free diet would be too expensive, and with the way gas and food prices are going up...well, enough said. We will have to wait and see what her blood test results are, hopefully the numbers have gone down from the last visit instead of up. She also had blood drawn to check her thyroid, at her last visit her numbers were a little off. She had just gotten over a sinus infection so the physicians assistant thought it could have been because of that. She wanted to have Helen re-tested to see if she really did need her medicine adjusted. I think she does, she has gained a bit of weight, her tummy has gotten big again. Her heart doctor says she looks good, she will go back in a year. The scar tissue by her aortic valve has grown a little, but not significant enough to do surgery, thank goodness. On the way home from the heart doctor(by the way, that's how I refer to them with Helen, tummy doctor, heart doctor) we stopped by the cemetery to check on Peter's flowers and light his candle. I planted Alyssum as a border, and it didn't all grow in so it looks a little uneven, oh well. When we were done there it was dinner time and the kids were all starving, so we went to my sister-in-law's restaurant. Once again we had a delicious dinner, I can honestly say I have never had something I wouldn't have again. If you are ever in Libertyville, IL, stop by The Liberty on Milwaukee Ave., you wont' be disappointed...tell them Sue sent you. (Ha, our first commercial on the blog!!:o))

I hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July, we did. We cooked out with family, it was very relaxing. The weather was beautiful here, clear skies, not too hot, with a nice breeze. In the evening, the kids and I went to the lakefront for fireworks. They were so pretty this year, the kids loved the smiley face ones, especially Noah. He would scream out every time he saw one, "SMILEY FACE, YEAH!!!!!" They also had fireworks in the shape of Saturn, Ted really liked that one. There is something about fireworks over a lake, the way they reflect off of the water is magical. Thank you to all the service people who have sacrificed, past and present, and also their families, so we may live in a country as great as ours. To the people who are serving now and are deployed in another country, may you come home safe, and soon.

Until next time-
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