Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just My Opinion

This is just my opinion, but, I think everyone needs to slow down. Whatever happened to visiting family and friends on the week-end? I have friends I haven't spoken to in months, and family members I haven't seen in years. My excuse, and I'm sure with everybody, is that I'm just so doggone busy. I learned the hard way that life is too short, you must enjoy it while you can, and yet I've gotten caught up in it. I have recently changed my phone service, I now have unlimited long distance. I plan on using it by calling those friends I have lost touch with, and checking in with family members. If gas prices weren't so high, taking Sunday drives and maybe stopping by someones house would be nice. Peter and I used to do that all the time when we were dating. I used to wonder if it irritated people, you know, us showing up out of nowhere! We always had nice visits, I hope the people we visited enjoyed our company. I would love to have people stop by and visit us. So, to all my family and friends who are reading this are always welcome at our house, please, feel free to stop by!!

I have come to realize that it's true what they you get older you become your parents! I cannot figure out why it is so difficult for my kids to turn off the light when they leave a room, or close the door when they go outside. I have explained to them many times about the lights being on and how I have to pay for the electricity. I remember receiving that same lecture from my mom when I was younger. I also remember hearing her yell, "Close the door before the mosquitoes come in!" I now have the kids saying that phrase because I have used it so much. My mom used to be the one to get bit during the night, Grace and Katie are the lucky ones in this house. I'm hoping it will teach them to close the door. I go mosquito hunting every night before bed, hitting drapes, and blinds, but I still haven't gotten any. Katie and Grace wake up with fresh bites, so I put anti itch medicine on them and hope they don't scratch too much. With all of the rain we have gotten, they are very bad. I never sprayed the kids with repellent until the evening, I now spray them in the morning. All of them were getting eaten alive, even in the middle of the day. It's CRAZY!!

We are having family over for the Fourth of July so I've been doing some cleaning. I told the kids they have to clean the basement, which is their playroom. It looks like a tornado went through there! I'm going to go through the toys tomorrow night after they have gone to bed and get rid of some of it. I haven't kept on top of that issue, and I need to, because now it's out of control. I hope all of you enjoy your holiday, the kids are looking forward to the fireworks.

The kids Bible Camp program was very nice, Helen did an awesome job of watching. Katie was in the front row, she sang and did the movements with a big smile on her face, YEAH!!!! She doesn't see her doctor again until school starts, and only if she is having difficulties. Let's hope she does okay.

Well, enough rambling. Not much has happened around here lately, so I didn't have much to talk about. That's okay with me, boring weeks are nice to have once in awhile, they are less stressful.

Until next time-
Take Care,

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