Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Being Sick

I am blogging a day early this week because I am taking Ted and Robbie to Six Flags tomorrow and will be too tired when we get home. They both received a ticket when they finished reading for six hours, it's a program through the school. On Thursday we are going to Sherry's house so I can work with Ted on his Aquanaut pin for Webelos (she lives by a lake). The next couple of days are going to be exhausting for me. I didn't blog last week because I came down with something, I thought it was the flu, but it could have been something else. I woke up Wednesday morning like usual and got Helen ready for school. While waiting for her bus to arrive I laid my head back on the couch and rested my eyes. When the bus came we walked to the door and as I waited for Helen to get on the bus I started feeling very dizzy. I thought maybe I had gotten up too quickly so I went to lay down for just a minute to see if it would pass. I figured I needed more sleep since I have had trouble getting to sleep lately. The only problem was that Helen and Katie had a doctor's appointment that morning and so I couldn't go back to sleep. I had about a thirty minute window, so I dozed off. That's when it really hit me, I started to feel very sick, I ended up in the bathroom. I felt very clammy, shaky, and dizzy. I got back in bed and realized, there was no way I was going to be able to drive 60 miles to the doctor's office. I started making phone calls, first to the doctor to cancel, and second, to Helen's school, telling them to send her home on the bus. The first thing that came to mind was I needed my thyroid medication changed, then maybe the flu. I was really upset and scared because my husband Peter had the same symptoms when he was diagnosed with his brain tumor. My mind started racing in every direction after those thoughts entered my head, something I didn't need. I talked to the kids and explained to them how I felt, I told them I needed them to help me out. Ted would need to make sandwiches for everyone, and the others would have to try and not fight. I stayed in bed all day, napping when I could. Katie and Grace would come in to see if I needed anything, the whole time rubbing my back and neck. I heard them in my room most of the day playing nicely together. I was very proud of them, they came through when I needed them to. I was able to get up later in the day to make a quick dinner, but then I went right back to bed. Every day I felt a little better, all of them would ask how I was doing. It wasn't until yesterday that I no longer had any symptoms. I think it could have been exhaustion, I haven't been sleeping well lately, it's coming up on two years that Peter passed away, it's a hard time. I have done nothing but lay around since last Wednesday, getting rest when I needed to. I know I'm self diagnosing, something I don't have the luxury of doing. Just so you know, I do have a doctor's appointment coming up.

Right before I got sick, Noah started going on the potty by himself, perfect timing. The only problem, he enjoys it a bit too much! He goes pee pee outside, in the garage, down the slide, who knows where else! I have had quite a few talks with him and he still does it. I hope he grows out of it. Helen, on the other hand, thinks she is wired like Noah, and tries to pee pee like him. The other day I was outside watering the garden, I looked over at the swing set to watch the kids, and I got mooned!! Helen was standing with her back to me, pants down, trying to pee pee like a boy! That's not the first time she has done this, but all the other times she was in the bathroom. I have had a lot of talks with her about being a girl and how boys are made differently, but she doesn't buy it. Hopefully, this to shall pass...

Until next time-
Take Care,

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