Thursday, July 17, 2008

How Many More Days, How Many More Hours...

We just got back from our support group's picnic, it was a very nice time. It was at the oasis on the lakefront, I was surprised at the number of people who go there to hang out, and not to swim. It's kind of like a club on the beach, they serve alcohol, and even had entertainment. After we ate, we walked down to the water, the plan was to only get feet wet, HA! The kids were not in swim suits, they told me they didn't want to swim, I should have known better. Grace is the one who started it, she kept lifting her dress higher, and higher, and was going farther and farther in. At one point, she fell, she was soaking wet. The other kids took her lead, and I ended up with very wet kids! I'm sure it was refreshing, it was very hot and humid here today. We will definitely go back again, it is a very nice beach. At the end of the picnic we wrote notes to Peter, tied them to a balloon, and launched it into the air. Before we let go we all stood in a circle and told everyone who the balloon was for. None of my kids wanted to talk, so I explained that it was for Peter, my husband, the kids dad, who will be gone two years in two weeks. I couldn't believe how emotional I felt, I got very teary eyed. I think it was the look I got from the director, and the connection I felt with the group. We watched the balloons float away until we could no longer see them. Helen, on the other hand, was busy making sand angels!

Robbie is at his first sleep over, I hope he's having fun. He has been looking forward to this day since last Saturday. The Cub Scouts had a can drive and his friend's dad asked me then if Robbie could make it Thursday, the count down began. I'm so glad it finally came, I don't know how much longer I could have answered the question, "Mom, how many more days?", "Mom, how many more hours?", "Mom, how many more minutes!?" He is spending all day tomorrow with them, he won't be home until 3:00pm. They are teaching him how to ride a bike, I'm embarrassed to say that none of my kids know how. We received hand-me-down bikes, but they need cleaning up, the tires inflated, and maybe other things. Next week we will take care of them so I can teach the other kids to ride, and hopefully some day, we will all go for bike rides. This week I'm getting the house ready for Katie's birthday party, it's on Sunday. I've been spending time outside working on the yard and when I do that, the house gets messy. She is really looking forward to her party, she too has been counting down. We are still at, "Mom, how many more days?" Soon, it will be, "Mom, how many more hours?"...

Until next time-
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