Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another School Year

We are getting ready for school to start, this time of year is so hectic and expensive. It's always tough getting back into the routine and following schedules. Helen's school bus is always late the first week which makes the other kids late for their school. This school year all the kids will be going! Ted will be in 4th, Helen-1st, Robbie-2nd, Katie-1st, Grace-4 year old preschool, and Noah-3 year old preschool. Grace and Noah will be in the same class, they didn't have enough kids signed up for either class to have them separate. It works out better for me this way, they will be gone at the same time, which means...I will have 2 hours and 45 minutes three days a week to myself (not that I'm keeping track or anything!!) Everyone keeps asking me what I'm going to do with my time. I tell them I don't know but I'm sure I'll find something to do. I will definitely enjoy the quiet time, maybe I'll start meditating! I actually will start working on It'll Fit'll tasks during that time. I will also be able to volunteer more time at the schools because the preschool has a program where the kids can stay longer if I need them to. I'm really looking forward to the coming year in that aspect. I'm not looking forward to another year of difficulties for Katie. She is really nervous about school starting, she is afraid of new students that may be in her class. I called her doctor to see if there was anything I could do or say to make it easier on her. At least this year we know what is going on with her and have the help she needs waiting on the sidelines. I'm hoping for a smooth transition for her. Everyone else is fine with it, some more than others.

Toby is doing fine, he has a case of kennel cough and is on medication for it. I was very worried about him the other night, I thought he swallowed a Lego or something. He was up most of the night coughing and spitting up, which meant I was up most of the night. It brought back memories of those sleepless nights with the kids when they were newborns, and the zombie like feeling the next day. After a couple of days on the medicine, he is back to sleeping through the night. The other night I was outside watering my garden, Toby was laying nearby watching me. I went and rolled up the hose, when I went back to get him, he was gone. Helen and Noah were outside with me, I asked them what happened to Toby, they didn't know. We looked all around the backyard and in the garage calling his name the whole time, he was not around. I went in the house thinking one of the other kids came out and got him without me seeing I was frantic at this point, I think because the kids weren't stopping what they were doing to help me find Toby. Robbie heard it my voice, he went outside calling Toby and then ran back in the house and went out the front door. Toby had squeezed through our neighbors fence and was running around their yard. He made it back safely, my nerves on the other hand...

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Anna said...

This does not concern the above post, but when are you going to have pictures online of the clothing you gals have made and information on how to order?

I've a 3 yr. old son with DS. There are a number of items that would be helpful: body shirts in larger toddler sizes(> 24 mos). And two-piece pj's that the tops and bottoms can be purchased separately Or that would snap together with at least 2 rows of snaps on the shirt so you could snap them wherever they best fit the child. My son has a long torso with a moderately large belly, but is tiny through the hips and bum, with shorter legs. He wears 3T shirts and 12 mos. shorts or pants! Therefore, I can't buy him anything that comes as a set, so no adorable little Sunday suits. And where to find suspenders for toddlers or little boys? Belts are useless! Pants always slide down below the belly where he is too slim to hold them up!

Thanks! You can email me at: