Friday, August 29, 2008

Car Trouble...Again

I kept putting off going to the grocery store, I just couldn't do another trip with all of the kids, it really drains all the energy from me. We were running out of a lot even though I had stocked up. I finally asked Sherry if she could come and stay with the kids so I could go alone (she has always helped me out, I just didn't want to keep asking). On Sunday she came over, it was getting close to dinner time. I decided to run to Shopko (they have a Payless in their store), to get the kid's gym shoes for school, and then go back home and feed the kids before going to the grocery store. It sounded like a great plan, until.......MY CAR BROKE DOWN!!!!!! Can you believe it? I tried to start my car, it sounded like it wanted to turn over but couldn't. I knew it wasn't the battery, I've had troubles with that in the past. I had troubles with the distributor cap, so I thought I would look under the hood and try and find it, I must have looked hilarious! There was a guy working on his tires in the parking lot so I went over and asked him if he knew anything about cars. He told me, "Sounds like your fuel pump to me, I had the same problem a few months ago." I said, "Really? Does that mean I'm stranded?" He said, "Yeah, pretty much." After a few words I can't repeat on this blog, I called Sherry to let her know I was stranded. I gave her names of people and she looked them up in my church directory. The first call was to my mechanic's house, he has a daughter Helen's age. They weren't home...the next few calls were to friends, also, not home. I called the shop where I usually take my car hoping they had an emergency number to call for a I sat and thought about my situation, how easy it used to be to just call Peter, he would come and get me and then handle the rest. Robbie has a friend who lives right down the street from Shopko, I called him. He came within five minutes, listened to the car, looked underneath, and agreed it was the fuel pump. He said, "When the traffic dies down a bit, I'll come and tow your car to my house and replace the pump for you. Let's go to the auto store and see if they have a pump in stock, and then I'll drop you off at home." Can you believe it? Everything happens for a reason...if someone else would have answered their phone, I never would have made that last call, and my repair bill would have been double, if not triple! This all happened at 6:00pm, I had my car fixed, running, and back in my garage at 10:30pm. What a wonderful guy! When he dropped off the car I asked him what I could pay him. I knew he would say nothing, so while he was working on my car, I was baking him a peach cobbler and some brownies. They were still warm when he dropped the car off. His wife told him I would probably make him brownies, I'm glad I did. I never made it to the grocery store, Sherry ran to the store for me just to get the essentials, the all important brownies!

School started for Ted, Robbie, and Katie on Wednesday, right after I dropped them off the rest of us went to the grocery store...finally!! They all had a good day, and think they will have a good year. Katie had a fantastic day, no problems at all. She is talking to everyone, she picked up right where she left off last year. I am thrilled! The Principal stopped me this morning with a big smile on his face and told me what a change in Katie from last year at this time. He said it was wonderful, I agreed. She received a note from her teacher yesterday that said, "Katie was an angel today". I asked her why she received it, she told me because she helped the other kids do something. She had a big smile on her face when she talked about it. I am breathing a huge sigh of relief....

Until next time-
Take Care,

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