Friday, August 15, 2008

Our Newest Addition

Robbie and Toby in our backyard
Remember when I said we weren't going to get another dog until next year? well, I changed my mind. I introduce to you, Toby, a 9 week old Beagle/Lab mix. I had been looking at websites, researching breeds, and seeing what was out there. I was leaning towards the Labs, I always liked them, but Peter didn't because he didn't like dogs with long tails. I was on another blog that had a link to Petfinder, so I clicked on it. I was leaning towards getting a dog from a shelter, our local shelter didn't have any that would "fit" our family. I scrolled through the pages, and when I got to page five or six, this picture of two puppies jumped out at me. I didn't even hesitate, I emailed to see if the puppies were available. I was planning on getting both of them, they were brothers and were so cute they made my heart melt. I found out the next day that only one was still there and if I wanted him he was mine. I called Sherry to see if she and Evan would like to go with us, a second set of eyes is always helpful. Toby was at the Jefferson County Animal Shelter in Mt. Vernon, IL, a 6 1/2 hour drive for us. We left Sunday morning and spent the night at a hotel where the kids swam in the swimming pool. Everyone had a blast, Helen couldn't stop laughing, she loves the water. It will definitely be a nice memory for the kids. On Monday morning we went and picked up Toby, love at first sight. Everything happens for a reason...what was I thinking when I said I would take both puppies!!?! Thank goodness Toby's brother had already been adopted, one puppy is a lot work, two puppies...YIKES!! He is adjusting well, and so are we. He is sleeping through the night, I think because the kids tire him out during the day. He loves to be outside with them, he chases after their feet, and loves to nip. I have been trying to teach them the importance of not letting him get away with that, he no longer does it to me. It is so fun watching him explore and play, he loves to tug at the weeds in my yard. I have already started working with him on some training, learning his name, no bite, off, and come. His potty training is coming along nicely, only a couple of accidents so far. He sleeps in a kennel in my bedroom, as long as he can see me, no crying. I'm looking forward to the years ahead, watching him grow and bonding with the kids. I really love dogs, and missed the companionship. When my furry niece Fiona and furry nephew Milo would come over, I missed them as soon as they left. I knew in my heart I was ready for another, and I'm glad I found Toby.
Until next time-
Take Care,

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Anonymous said...

I see you got a new puppy. Oh how cute. I have a dog named Toby also.. he is a tiny toy poodle. I live not to far from Mt. Vernon , Ill. abot 30 mins.. I hope you enjoy your puppy he is so adorable.. Good luch with the new member of the family..


Sue said...


Thank you, he is doing well. His furry cousins came over to see him today, they all got along very nicely. It was definitely a long car ride, a memory the kids won't forget!