Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another Root Canal

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

I had another root canal done this morning, my last one was about 7 months ago. The numbness started wearing off about a half hour ago, I'm feeling the pain! This one wasn't as bad as the last one because it wasn't a molar, but it still hurts. After the appointment I went to the school and helped put up decorations for the Fall Frolic this Friday. Fall Frolic is a Halloween party put on by the Home and School Association, I am on the committee. This weekend is also a bake sale benefiting the Cub Scouts, so I'm going to be a busy beaver for the rest of the week. I forgot to mention, I'm having my family over on Saturday for a fall get together. My mom loved this time of year, and almost every year she would have a little get together. She would serve doughnuts, apple cider, chili, garlic bread, and pumpkin pie. We would carve pumpkins and sit around catching up with everyone. Everyone is pitching in so I don't have to do much. Sherry is doing the most by making the chili, I don't have a good chili recipe.

Last week flew by for me, I don't know where it went. I'm sorry for not posting a blog, time just got away from me. My roof is being replaced by family and friends, the professionals wanted way too much money. They have run into some difficulties with the roof, they need to replace a lot more wood than expected. It's going to cost double what we originally thought, that's still much better than what the professionals wanted. If I would have had them do it, I would be in the poor house now. Not only would they have charged me a higher price for the wood, but I would have also had to pay the labor. They may have only replaced the pieces that were in the worse condition too, so the job wouldn't have been as good. I thought about it, I think it would have cost me around $15,000.00 if I would have had the professionals do it. That makes my stomach upset! Thank you to all of the people working on my roof, especially my brother-in-law.

The other day we went to the pumpkin farm with Grace and Noah's preschool class. It started to rain as soon as we got there. While we were on the hayride it started to down pour, nothing like a soggy hayride. Regardless of the weather, we had a good time. When we got home I made us hot chocolate, and the kids colored in the coloring books they got from the pumpkin farm. Later that day I was helping Noah use the bathroom. I was horrified when I saw all this red in his big boy underwear, and even more when it was on his bits and pieces. I really had to control my shock when I was talking to him, I thought we would be heading to the ER. As I was examining it, Noah was telling me about the markers...DING, DING, DING!!! Come to find out, he had broken off a piece of the red marker, and put it in his pants (I guess for safe keeping). He wasn't injured after all, he will still be able to give me grandchildren.

Until next time-
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