Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween


I am so proud of Katie, yesterday she read one of the petitions at Mass. I was a bit worried she would back out at the last minute. She and her classmates walked up to the alter, bowed, went to the podium and took their turns reading, Katie went first. I had tears in my eyes for the rest of Mass, and every time I told someone. I almost brought her preschool and kindergarten teachers to tears. When I shared the experience with them, I told them what was going through my mind while I watched and listened to her. All the frustration, the trips to Children's Hospital to meet with her doctor, the struggles she had within herself and overcame. Katie took a huge step yesterday, I am very proud of her.

Our Fall Frolic was a huge success! Helen and Noah hung out with me in the kitchen while the other kids found their friends and hung out with them. Helen kept taking the top to her dress off, which wouldn't have been so bad but she had nothing on underneath! I learned my lesson, yesterday she wore her costume over her clothes, it didn't fit as well, but at least she wasn't flashing anyone. She is off from school until Monday, the teachers have a conference to attend. It will be just her and I tomorrow morning, I'm looking forward to it. We have grocery shopping to do, she loves to help. With it being just the two of us, I will be able to work one on one with her, no interruptions! She won't be able to wander, or run off. She won't have a sibling telling her, "No" whenever she tries to help. She has come a long way but can still get into those moods where all she does is laugh, very loud. They are still having issues with her coming off the playground at school, I have run out of suggestions for them. I talk to her everyday about listening to her teachers, and to line up when they say to. I remind her every morning while waiting for the bus to not stay on the playground when it is time to go in. It's that stubborn streak in her, poor thing, it runs in the family. She is still the top reader in her class, and is doing well in math. I can even have a small conversation with her now. How was school? What did you have for lunch? How many smiley faces today? She asks me everyday, What are we having?(for dinner) and, Who says the blessing tonight? She is taking small steps, but at least we are moving forward and not backward.

Don't forget to go out and VOTE on Tuesday, November 4th!!!!

Until next time-
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