Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hot Lunch Lady

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Last Friday at the kid's school they had a service in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, along with a pet blessing. I picked Helen up from school early, otherwise we couldn't have gone, and went with Toby. It got very chaotic once the kids joined us, I had little hands coming at us from every direction. I had to hold Toby at one point so no one would step on him. During all of this, and not to my knowledge, Helen was holding a little boy captive under the slide. We were in the courtyard where the preschoolers usually play, so it was the plastic playground equipment. It was the 2 year old son of the seventh grade teacher, who happens to be 9 months pregnant. Ted's teacher from last year intervened and then tracked me down to tell me what had happened. I held Helen's hand for the rest of the time we were there, I think it just got a bit overwhelming for her and Toby.

Saturday would have been my 11 year anniversary, I had a Mass said for Peter, I completely forgot about it. I was working in the yard, getting it cleaned up for the winter. I cut the grass, pulled up the rest of my garden, straightened out the garage so I could fit the patio furniture in there, and I used the weed whacker to get by the fence. I was on a roll! Before I started I had talked to Sherry, she said she would be coming up in the morning, so if I wanted to go to church with the older kids, she would stay with the younger ones. We usually go to Saturday Mass, had it been a normal day, we would have been there. I took Ted, Robbie, Katie, and Grace to Mass Sunday morning. I went to say good morning to Father John, he informed me about the Mass for Peter, I was very embarrassed. I think from now on I will only have a Mass said on his birthday and on the anniversary of his death.

For the past couple of weeks I have been a "hot lunch lady", I love it! The kids really enjoy having me there for lunch, and I enjoy getting out and having adult conversation with other women. The kids have hot lunch every Wednesday, every other day they brown bag it. It is run by volunteer mom's so the kids get home cooked meals. On Wednesday's the kids have Mass, so after I drop them off I also go to church. Every week two grades participate in Mass. The younger kids take up the gifts and also read the petitions. The older kids do the readings and are the alter servers. I enjoy seeing my kids take part, last week Katie took up the book of intentions, she felt special. After Mass I go down to the cafeteria and start helping with preparation of the lunch. After the kids are done with lunch, we clean up and then eat ourselves. During this time, Grace and Noah are hanging out with the preschoolers until it is time for them to nap, then they join me. Noah most times hangs out in the cafeteria walking around waving to anyone he knows. It's mostly the friends of Ted, Robbie, and Katie. The other day someone said to me he was going to be a politician because of the way he was working the crowd. It wouldn't surprise me, Peter absolutely loved politics. Maybe he has a hand in that somehow!!

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