Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sadness and Chaos

I just found out a friend's mom passed away so I am feeling deep sadness right now. It was one of Peter's friends who stood up in our wedding. She absolutely loved our ceremony because it reminded her so much of her own 35 years earlier(we were married the day after her anniversary). She was impressed that I had done things so traditionally, I told her it was my mom's influence, she told me my mom had elegant taste. She also told me our marriage would last forever because of the eye contact we shared during the ceremony. It had moved her to tears because it touched her heart so deeply to see Peter so in love, what a perfect thing to say to a bride on her wedding day. She was a wonderful woman, she always made you feel welcome in her home. I sent her a Christmas card every year, when we would stop by she would tell me how beautiful my children were. She will be deeply missed.
My kids are home from school the next couple of days, we have parent/teacher conferences at their school. Helen is still in school, her days off were last week. It sure would be nice if the school's had the same time off. On the other hand, it was nice spending one on one time with her. She didn't help me at the store last week, she stayed in the cart and enjoyed the ride. She did a good job, she didn't grab too many things within her reach!
Yesterday afternoon I was moving my car onto the street when my kids saw the neighbor blowing his leaves to the curb. They ran over there and were having the best time, I think he enjoyed it too. I don't get enough leaves in my yard for them to play in, so I was grateful to them for letting the kids play in theirs. Ted and Robbie came flying out of the house when they saw the other kids playing, and in doing so, let out Toby. He was running all over the place, the kids were trying to catch him. We were making so much noise we caught the attention of our neighbors directly next door to us. I saw them at their door watching and laughing. We must have been some sight, leaves flying in the air, kids running everywhere, me trying to lure Toby by calling him with a baby voice, and Toby running like the wind in every direction, what chaos. It wasn't until one of the roofers came with his dog that Toby finally headed home. I then had to get the kids back home, we needed to eat early because of Greek school and Religion class. It was quite an adventure, thank goodness I have wonderful neighbors!!
I hope everyone was able to get out and vote, what an amazing night. I heard some people had to wait hours in line, I was lucky to have been able to get in and out within five minutes. I had Grace and Noah with me, so one day I will be able to tell them they helped me vote during that history making race. I just hope he is able to make the changes needed to get us out of all the mess. As a widow with six children I pray he will, I am really feeling the crunch.
Until next time-
Take Care,
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