Thursday, April 23, 2009

Body Of Christ...Amen

This week is back to normal and everyone is feeling good. On Tuesday I went to the school and made communion hosts with Robbie's class. Wheat flour and water, that's all it takes. About 30 years ago, while doing construction on the school and church, someone found a communion press in the basement. The stamping on it dates back to the 1880's, it is very cool. Father placed it on top of the stove, when it was hot enough, he placed a small amount in the center, then he squeezed. It oozed out, sometimes too much, the kids loved it. When it was done, he put it between damp cloths and went on to the next one. When he was done making all of them, he then cut out a large circle with a knife, this would be his. They had little round cutters with tall handles to cut out the rest, these are for us. The cutters were also from the 1880's. The hosts we made will be the ones we receive at the First Communion Mass. We were able to take a taste of the left over, it tasted much better than what we usually receive. I guess homemade does taste best, even with communion hosts!

The side mirror on Helen's bus was hit by a parent's van the other day. They couldn't move until the police went and took a report, and the bus company could fix the mirror. As soon as Helen gets dropped off, we leave to pick the others up from school. I waited an extra 10 minutes until I called the bus company, they told me what was going on. I left to pick up the kids, they were waiting for me against the fence. I figured I might as well swing by Helen's school and see if I could take her off the bus. I thought she would be very bored, and therefore, fidgety. I expected to see the mirror dangling on the side of the bus. It wasn't, it looked like it hadn't even moved, but it was cracked. I told her bus driver I was there to take Helen off her hands, I was sure she would be bored. Helen was the only one on the bus that was listening, so she was sorry to see her go. As we were pulling away, I saw someone from the bus company fixing the mirror. If we hadn't picked her up, she probably would have been at least an hour late getting home.

We have somewhat of a busy week-end, Katie and Grace have Greek dance class on Friday. Robbie has a den meeting on Saturday, and on Sunday we are going to the Catholic High School for the art show. Katie will have a picture on display, she is very excited. Ted had his self portrait displayed there a few years ago, he was very proud.

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