Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter

Robbie is doing fine, he had one incident on Monday with his leg. While getting into his desk he bumped his leg which caused some swelling. I had him elevate it for awhile, it was as if I had asked him to eat nails. He did not want to stay still for a minute. His incision is looking good, it looks to me like it is healing nicely. We have a follow up appointment during Spring break. Katie also has an appointment during the break, her appointment is with a surgeon. I was told at her check up back in August that she had a hernia. The pediatrician said it was something that could wait for awhile but would definitely need to be taken care of. If left alone it could affect her later in life, especially if she wanted children. Our COBRA insurance runs out in August, now is the time to get everything taken care of. I have priced insurance for us...OUCH!! I really don't see how I can afford private insurance, it is a difficult decision. I am looking into insurance just for Helen at this point.

Helen's report card wasn't as bad as I was expecting. She is doing much better since the IEP, I'm wondering if they are still going to place her in a different program for the next school year. The teachers commented on how she is like a different girl. She is trying harder and is even cooperating, how about that!?!! Last night at her religion class they went into the church to watch the eighth graders do Shadows Of The Cross. They reenact the stations of the cross by body language (I don't know how else to describe it). I asked her teacher how she did, expecting to hear they had to leave. When they first entered the church Helen started making noises in order to hear the echo. I guess no one noticed, I think they just didn't say anything. I have been in church with Helen when she makes those noises, I had to take her into the cry room it was so loud.

I can't believe Easter is this week-end, it snuck up on me. I realized last week-end that I needed to do my shopping this week. Wednesday is out because I volunteer at the school until 1:00pm. Friday was out because the kids have no school. Tuesday and Thursday Grace and Noah don't have school, so that only left Monday. Thank goodness I had nothing planned for that morning so I was able to get it all done. The kids are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Easter Bunny and can't wait to color eggs. You all know what we'll be doing Saturday night!! I wish those of you that celebrate a very Happy Easter.

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