Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Long Summer Ahead

This is going to be a very long summer...On Monday I stained the swing set, it took me all day. It was also Helen's last day of school. I took a break when it was time to watch for her bus. Right after she came home, my friend stopped by to tell me she will be teaching at the kid's school next year. Her youngest is in school with Noah, and our boys are in Cub Scouts together. While we were visiting in the front, Helen was a busy beaver in the back. I had placed the stain and paintbrush off to the side, thinking I would be back after Helen came home. The other kids knew not to touch it, a few of them had already gotten yelled at when they grabbed it during the day. When I was done visiting with my friend, I headed to the backyard to continue staining. I was met by Helen who was covered from head to toe with brown stain. She thought she would help by staining the fence, not just the privacy fence, but our chain link fence(dog run) too! Thank goodness it is in the corner of the yard so it's not so noticeable. I was so mad, especially when I went to finish the swing set and couldn't because I ran out of stain. I had to put that project on hold for a few days, until I could get more stain. I am proud to say, I finished the job today, and it looks awesome! Helen was pretty easy to clean up, and I was surprised to see that the stain came out of her clothes.

Katie and Grace did a great job at Greek Fest this past week-end, I got teary-eyed while watching them. There was a very big crowd watching them, I was afraid Katie would get overwhelmed, but she didn't. I think the roar of the crowd made her smile even more, and Grace was all smiles throughout the dance. The kids and I had a great time there on Sunday, even though they had run out of Dolmades(stuffed grape leaves) by the time we went to get some. They did have Loukoumades(honey puffs), thank goodness, the kids love them.

Toby ate Katie's glasses...again! I was so mad, I had to take some time to myself in my bedroom, and lock the door. I can't begin to tell you how many times I have told Katie to put her glasses up high so Toby couldn't get them. She placed them on the corner of her dresser, right next to Helen's bed. Toby hopped up on the bed, grabbed the glasses, and had a feast. We went and ordered her a new pair today, I told her it was coming out of her bank account. If this past week is any indication of how this summer is going to be, maybe I should stock up on beer!! Just Kidding!

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