Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stinky Monday

I hope all you dad's and grandpa's had a good day on Sunday. I cut the grass in the morning and then we went to the cemetery after lunch. I wasn't planning on making the trip, but when I told Robbie and Ted we weren't going to go, they asked if we could. I don't mind going to the cemetery, it gives me peace. I always feel like I am making the kids go, I want them to want to go. I knew in my heart that Peter wouldn't have cared either way, he probably would have wanted us to stay home, we would have saved gas. When we got home, we set up the pool that I bought three summers ago. I always had a bad feeling in my gut whenever the kids asked when we were going to put it up. I thought Helen might pick Noah up and throw him in the pool, it was the time that she was always picking him up. Now that they are older, and she doesn't pick him up anymore, I feel more at ease. It was a very good investment, they have been in that pool so much this week. Helen has turned into a fish! On Monday, they went in for the first time, I couldn't get her out! I did get her out at dinnertime, but then she went right back in. It was 8:00pm by the time she finally came out. She absolutely loves that pool. My furry niece, Fiona, liked it too. We were dog sitting this week-end, and I completely forgot how much she enjoys pools. While it was filling up, she jumped in and started biting at the water going in a circle. She has her own pool at home and does the same thing. The kids got such a kick out of it, they wanted Toby to go in too. I told them it wasn't such a good idea, his fingernails could puncture the pool. Toby hasn't been too interested in it anyway, probably because anytime he goes near it, they splash him.

The week didn't start out so good, Helen started summer school on Monday. It was such a hectic week-end, that I completely forgot the bus driver never called to tell me what time they were going to pick up Helen. I called the bus company Monday morning and was told they didn't have Helen scheduled for a bus until June 29th, a full week after school started. I couldn't understand how that happened when the bus company called me the previous week to make sure all of her information was correct. I was told to call the transportation department, it was them that put in the order. Of course when I called, I got a recording, so I left a not so pleasant message. I was so mad. I just told them they should have told me Helen didn't have bus service the first week of school, so I could plan accordingly. Along with the letter telling me what school she was placed at, and that she would receive bus service, they should have included the fact that she wouldn't start the bus until the second week of school. It still irritates me. I did speak with someone in the special education department and complained to them about the situation. I said, "We are supposed to be working as a team, making sure all of Helen's needs are met. To leave out such important information about Helen's transportation to her mother, is unacceptable. Who dropped the ball?" She informed me that they were so back logged, I was lucky it was just the first week of school. To that I said, "If you are so back logged, why did I receive a letter stating Helen would receive bus service from the start of school until the end? That is not a good enough excuse." I then went on to tell her how disappointed I was with the school system, and I really hoped this mistake would never happen again. After that, I politely said good-bye. It was a very frustrating morning. The other kids started Bible Camp that morning too. Noah wanted nothing to do with it, even with a couple of his friends there. He ended up coming with me, there went my hour and twenty minutes to myself. Guess what else happened, my air conditioning went out on my car. I took it to the mechanic, it will cost an arm and a leg to get it fixed. We are going to try and make it without, it hasn't been easy, it has been hot and humid around here lately. It's always something, isn't it!?!!

I know Sherry is the one to write about the business side of things, but I'm so excited, I couldn't help but mention this. Helen was fitted on Saturday with our first pair of jeans...Hallelujah!! I can't begin to describe the feeling I had when she put them on and they fit. To see her put them on and not have two feet of pant leg to pull up, is indescribable. She was also fitted with the bodysuit, it looked so nice on her. So all you patient people out there...soon!

Until next time-
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