Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bean Boozled

GO FISH, Greek Orthodox Fun In Summer Heat, that's what we do every Friday. We meet up with other families, last week we met at a park, it was so chilly we decided to drive to the Jelly Belly factory, which was nearby. We went on the tour, taste tested jelly beans, and bought some belly flops. Everyone had a good time. Once in the car, the kids couldn't wait to open their free samples. The car started smelling so good, I decided to open the package of jelly beans I bought. I got them because they were only 50 cents, the package read, "Bean Boozled", I had no idea of the flavors. I'm driving along, the kids are pumped up from our little field trip. I pop a jelly bean in my mouth, in my mind I'm trying to figure out why this bag is named the way it is. I'm eating a jelly bean that tastes I try another one to see what flavor it is, maybe shed some light on the name...YUCK!! What the heck did I just eat, let me try another one, I'm still trying to figure out how they came up with this name. This one is just as bad if not worse than the other one I just ate. I tell the kids, "I bet these are those Harry Potter jelly beans, and they named it differently for some reason." I must be a glutton for punishment because, yes, I try another one. In my was a black one , and there could not possibly be any other kind of flavor for a black jelly bean other than licorice, my favorite. OMG, OMG, was sooooo nasty, for the life of me, I could not figure out what I just ate, and yes, I did swallow it! The kids were laughing so hard, I'm lucky I didn't crash the car. When we got home we went on the computer and looked on Jelly Belly's website. Guess what we found out...Bean Boozled is a game they have come up with. The bag contains jelly beans that are the real deal, and jelly beans that are not. You are supposed to pass them out and see if you have real or fake, hence the name, Bean Boozled. The ones I ate in the car were all fake! I ate, toothpaste, vomit, boogers, and...wait for it, wait for it...skunk spray!!! When I saw skunk spray, a light bulb went off in my head, yes, that is EXACTLY what it tasted like, and I swallowed it! I must have drank a gallon of ice tea that night, I think I can still taste it. I am very relieved this incident has not scarred me from eating black jelly beans, we have a ton of them in our bag of belly flops.

Katie turned 7 on Tuesday, she played her last softball game that night. She was the last girl to bat for the season, thank goodness she made it to base.(there was a 7 run rule, Katie hit run #7 in) We went to the toy store after so she could pick out her present, and then out for ice cream. I had made cupcakes for the team, so we already had our cake. She told me she had the best day ever.

Helen came with me yesterday to run a couple of errands and then do grocery shopping, we had a nice time. She was such a big help, she didn't act like she usually does when we go out. She carried our purchases to the counter, put them down and said, "Hi" to the check out person. She wasn't all over the place trying to get at everything. When we went to the store, she helped put things in the cart, and even push. After awhile she did start acting up a bit, but she had lasted a long time. I really enjoyed that one on one time with her, and I think she felt the same. She really enjoyed the ride home, radio blasting(her request), and the wind blowing in her hair. She had the biggest smile on her face, it doesn't get any better than that.

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