Thursday, July 30, 2009

Three Weeks Left

A couple of weeks ago Toby had surgery (snip,snip), I had to take him and get his incision looked at yesterday. I found out from the vet that we have a scaredy cat for a dog, this explains why he barks at everyone when they come into the house. Toby was hiding under my chair when the vet came into the room. He took Toby's leash and gently pulled him out from under there, sat on the floor and let Toby sniff his hand before he touched him under his chin. According to the vet, if he would have stayed standing and moved his hand over Toby's head in order to pet him on top of it, we might have had a different outcome. Toby would have felt threatened and would have either started barking at him, or tried biting. I'm sad Toby feels this way, but it's good to know, now we can help.

Katie had her birthday party over the week-end, it's always so nice to have family around. She wanted money so she could save up for a Nintendo DS, she has wanted one for a long time. She was about $30.00 short, I was debating on whether to kick in the rest. Noah and I went to the store Tuesday morning, while I was there I decided to check out the price so I knew the exact amount she needed to buy it. To my surprise, it was on sale, "They are NEVER on sale," said the clerk this time last year. I bought it, I didn't tell Katie until we were at another store picking out a game for it. She was so excited, I couldn't drive fast enough home. I should have opened it and charged it while she was at Greek Bible camp, because she had to wait about 3 hours. That was the longest 3 hours!

Noah had a cardiologist appointment, the doctor still heard a heart murmur at his last check-up. He has had it since he was a baby, all of my kids have had a murmur at some point. We agreed to have it checked out if it was still there this visit. It is nothing to be concerned about, it is an innocent murmur. If it is still there next year, I am to bring him back to the cardiologist. I'm glad I went, I feel much better, my mind started to wander about that murmur.

Helen's last day of summer school was today, she's not going to be a happy camper come Monday and there is no bus coming to get her. I keep telling her she is done with summer school and all she says to me is, "Why?" I told her now she will have more time to swim in the pool. Next week will be the first week we can all sleep in since school let out the beginning of June. It was either Bible camp or summer school getting us up early, I guess now this is our "official" summer break. I think the kids have about 3 weeks left before school starts again, yeah! I definitely enjoy the routine, I think I get more sleep when they are in school...I'm exhausted!

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