Friday, August 21, 2009

Circus Time

The circus crew
Helen, Katie, and Grace on the camel

Elephant ride

About three weeks ago the kids and I went out for the afternoon, when we came home it felt like the air conditioner wasn't on. It was one of the rare days around here that we needed it. I knew I had turned it on before we left so we could come home to a nice cool house. I knew we would be sweaty since my car air conditioner decided not to work this summer. I checked the thermostat, yep, it was on. I went downstairs and looked at the unit and at the fuse box, I really had no idea what I was looking for, but at least I gave it a look. I then went outside to check the fan, I could hear a hum coming from it, but nothing else. I decided to turn it off, the noise I heard couldn't be good, and who knew how long it had been like that since we were gone all afternoon. My central air is the last thing I need to have break, the car is bad enough with the kids complaining how hot they are. I called the repair service and left a message. I almost walked across the street to my neighbor who is the owner of the repair service, but wasn't gutsy enough. If it had been really hot, I would have, but we weren't suffering, so I didn't impose. The next day he called and said someone would be over around lunch time. The guy showed up and checked everything I did, I was proud of myself, although I still didn't know what we were looking for! Everything in the house checked out so we went to look at the fan. Sure enough, he heard the exact same noise I did, and thought he knew what the problem was. He took the cover off of the electrical panel...lo and behold, guess what he earwig. It had crawled into the wires and was electrocuted, which in turn, shorted out my connection. When the bug was removed, my air conditioner fan turned back on and all was well...except my wallet! That was the most expensive bug I have ever come across, I should have had it framed!

The circus was in town last week-end, Sherry and I took the kids. My wonderful neighbors gave me free tickets, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to go. During the fifteen minute intermission, the kids took an elephant ride. I wanted Helen and Noah to go, but they didn't want to. We still had tickets left with time running out of our intermission. All the kids wanted to ride again, or take the tickets for something else. There were eight kids, the rides started at two tickets, there just weren't enough. Since I already lost an arm and a leg with the price of all the tickets, I couldn't afford to loose another arm and a leg! Sherry took the boys, except Noah, and went back to our seats while I figured out what to do with the rest of the tickets. I really wanted Helen and Noah to do something, time was running out. We walked by the camel ride, no line, I decided to have Katie and Grace ride just so we could use up the tickets. When they got up to the top, Helen decided she wanted to ride. I was so frazzled, the guy told me we had enough tickets since it only took two to ride the camel. The girls got on, I took a few pictures, they took a short ride, and we were on our way to see the rest of the circus, which had already started. It was a good time, fun was had by all.

We are starting to get ready for school, it starts Wednesday for Ted, Robbie, and Katie. I'm happy to get back into a routine, but sad that our carefree days of staying up late and sleeping in are over. Helen and Grace start the following week, and Noah starts the week after that. I will have five of them in school all day...WOOHOO!!
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