Thursday, August 27, 2009


I am saddened by the death of Sen. Edward(Ted) Kennedy. I wouldn't be in the shoes I'm in today if it weren't for most of his legislation. He did so much for people with disabilities, and also low-income families. I wish he would have been around longer to help with this health insurance mess. Our COBRA expired this month, we were only eligible for three years after Peter died. I looked into commercial insurance for my family, there is no way I can afford it. We can't go without, especially with all of Helen's health issues. It would make life a lot easier if health care was more affordable. In the three years I paid for COBRA, it cost me roughly $25,000.00, that's a lot of money! The kids and I could have taken a nice vacation to Greece to see where their dad was born for 1/3 of that money. If only...

Helen is looking forward to starting school, she was so mad yesterday when Ted, Robbie, and Katie started. When we came home from dropping them off, Helen went into her backpack and started playing with her school supplies. It wouldn't have been so bad, but Toby decided to chew on her pencils, that really got her mad. Today we had a meeting with Grace's kindergarten teacher, Helen was mad again. She wanted to sit on the carpet and have books read to her. Then she went next door to Noah's preschool room to play. I can't wait for her to start on Monday, and neither can she. Noah on the other hand, he could care less if school ever starts again.

I recently joined Facebook and I'm addicted. I am always checking it to see who said what. I love that I have found many old friends, I feel reconnected, and that's a good feeling. I no longer feel so isolated, and have even more chances to get out and do something. There is talk of us all getting together for a little reunion. I hope it comes together, I'd love to see so many of them again, and just have fun.

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