Thursday, November 12, 2009

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Aaahhh, back on track! Noah went to his first birthday party over the week-end, he had a great time. I was able to drop him off and leave right staying until he transitioned. Last year when I dropped him off at school, I could never leave until after the class said the Pledge of Allegiance. I was the only parent sitting on the rug singing "Hi good morning friends, how are you today?..." After the song we would stand up and say the Pledge, then it was free time, which was my cue to leave. My goal this year was to be able to just drop him off and leave, I wanted to reach it by the end of the school year. Well, to my surprise, I have already reached that goal thanks to Noah. One day, out of the blue, while walking to his class, he told me, "Just leave, don't come to my class." Now he gets mad at me if I go with him. Yesterday when I was helping him with his coat he told me, "Now, go to the kitchen Mom, don't come to my class."(it was hot lunch day) Now that I can't go with him, I miss going! I am so glad he has found some independence and doesn't need me with him every second of the day. I now watch other parents go through what I did last year and think to myself, a year really makes a difference.

Helen had another issue at school yesterday, this time she left a mark on a first grader's face. I didn't get the whole story because her teacher didn't see it, she was told what happened. After Helen arrived at school, she went on the playground before the bell rang. It was there that she pushed a little girl off the equipment, I think it was the slide. The girl hit her face, I don't know on what, and cut her cheek. She was taken to the nurse, where they called home to let her parents know what happened. The dad was not too pleased, which, no parent would be! Helen can no longer play in the morning, she has to go from the bus directly to the second grade line. She doesn't get recess today or tomorrow, because she didn't listen to the principal yesterday. I didn't quite understand what happened with him, I think he told her to stay off the playground and she went anyway. My question is, WHO THE HECK IS KEEPING AN EYE ON HER! They know the kids can get her wound up, and egg her on. They know she doesn't know her limits and does it all in good fun. I tell her everyday, "Have a good day at school, don't touch any of the kids at school, play nice, and listen to your teachers." I take privileges away, or even her favorite snack if she gets a sad face on her daily chart, or if the teacher tells me she has been naughty. She now understands the difference between behaving and being naughty. She tells me every Saturday before we go to church, "Noah has to behave, right?" That tells me she understands. I don't know what else I can do, I'm afraid one of these days she will hurt someone a lot worse than a cut on the cheek. Pray, pray, pray...

Ted and I went to my niece's sweet sixteen party on Sunday, we had a great time. He made the age cut off, that's why he was the only one invited. That was a great idea to do that, otherwise, I would have had kids complaining it was taking too long, or it was boring. It was at my sister-in-law, Maria's, restaurant, so there wasn't any place to go and play. Maria decorated the place beautifully, it was gorgeous. The food, once again, was fantastic...I have no complaints, well, maybe one. I had to see some relatives I could do without (extended family). Some of the things they did to us when Peter was alive was deplorable, I have no respect for them, nor will I EVER! Family should not be treated that way. Maybe they don't have the same standards as I do when it comes to the way you treat family...respect, respect, respect!

Basketball starts Saturday, bright and early for Katie...8:00am...UGGGHHHH!!! Robbie's game is later in the day...YEAH!!! Everyone have a nice week-end, can you believe Thanksgiving is two weeks away? I can't! That means Christmas is not far behind, YIKES, I need to start shopping!

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