Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tough Week

This is my first blog on my office computer, sweet!! My friend gave me her old computer so I could have a computer to myself for the business, it is working out fantastic! Katie and Robbie's basketball games were very exciting. Katie's score was 20-21, they won by just one point! Robbie's team lost by two points, but it was non-stop. I'm looking forward to Saturday's games. They both have practice on Wednesdays, so every other week they miss Greek school in order to go. Grace screamed on the way to Greek school, she didn't want to go because Katie wasn't going to be there. This started a couple weeks ago, the same week basketball practice started. I'm baffled by her behavior, this is the same girl who didn't want me to come into her classroom on the first day of Kindergarten, Miss Independent! She would not let me go when I dropped her off at school, I had to peel her off of me. If I didn't make her stay, this would happen every single Wednesday. When I picked them up, I went inside so I could see how she did. There she was, standing in the classroom with all her friends, singing Jingle Bells! She said, "Mommy, I didn't know I'd have a good time." I don't get it, she has been going to Greek school since September. So I asked her if she was going to cry next time she has to go, and she said, "Um, maybe, we'll see!"...Miss Independent, no doubt!

Helen has been having a rough week, I'm not looking forward to her conference on Monday. She has been so naughty, she has been poking her friends, even after I tell her not to touch her friends at school. She has been making noises, being very disruptive. She was kicked out of religion class last night because she wouldn't listen and calm down. She is now getting her privileges on the WII taken away from her, I don't know what else I can do about her behavior issues. If any of you have any suggestions, please share, at this point, I will try anything.

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