Friday, November 6, 2009

Going Once, Twice...$30.00

I took Helen to the thyroid doctor today, it went very well. My other kids were home from school, yesterday and today were parent/teacher conferences at their school. I asked my father-in-law to watch them while I took Helen to her appointment. We were at Children's Hospital, and who knows what germs are floating around there, I didn't want to take any chances. While we were there, every time I came across hand sanitizer, I squirted my hands and then rubbed Helen's. In the past, I would have brought all the kids with me, it's scary! After her appointment we had to go to the lab so she could have blood drawn. It used to be that the doctor's office put the orders in the computer for the blood draw while we made our way down to the lab. Now, they make an appointment for you, it's usually within 10-15 minutes from the time you leave the doctor's office. We only had to wait 10 minutes, one time we waited an hour for Helen to get called for blood work! I bet it's because of the H1N1, they don't want people hanging around for long periods of time. They have already prohibited young children from visiting anyone in the hospital. If you are exhibiting any of the symptoms of H1N1, you have to wear a mask. Thank goodness we didn't come across anyone in a mask, that's frightening.

All the conferences went well, thank goodness! My only beef...they scheduled 10 minutes for each conference, they gave me no time for the commute from classroom to classroom. Grace's meeting was at 12:30, Katie at 12:40, Robbie at 12:50, and Ted at 1:00. I didn't get to Ted's conference until almost 1:30! I had to wait to get into one of my conferences which also threw the whole schedule off.

We had a good time last week-end, we started it off with the Fall Frolic at the kid's school. Helen did such a great job, I set her up at a table right in front of the kitchen, gave her popcorn and juice, she was good to go! I was helping out in the kitchen, this way I could keep an eye on her. Fall Frolic is our school's Halloween party, we have games, mad scientist lab, bake sale, pie auction, popcorn, drinks, and trick or treat at the end. The kids really enjoy it! I bid for a chocolate pie that Robbie really wanted. The starting bid they were asking for was $10.00, so I bid that. My friend Catherine called out $20.00! I knew from an earlier pie that she wouldn't go over $30.00, I waited. $20.00 going once, going twice...that was my cue..."$30.00" I yelled. I caused quite a roar in the room, which is what I had wanted to do, make it exciting. I was right with my strategy, Catherine would not go over $30.00, so we won. I love to hear Helen tell the story! She throws in 25 cents, $4.00, and some other figures, it's very cute. When we got home I wanted to taste the pie to see if it's the same one I was. It costs about $7.00 to make that pie, even less for this one, they didn't put cool whip on it. Anything for the kids!(well...almost anything.)

Sunday night is my niece's (Peter's side) sweet sixteen party. Ted was the only one of my kids invited, I don't know why, but I know there is a reason. It is being held at my sister-in-law's restaurant, so really, not much to do. It will make it less stressful for me, I won't have kids complaining whats taking so long. It is going to be date night for Ted and I, we are also going to celebrate his report card. He got four A's and three B's, and received a higher grade in gym than the "jocks" in his class. He is doing a great job in school this year! Basketball has started, the first games are next week-end. Katie and Robbie are both playing, it has been crazy busy around here lately.

Sherry usually blogs about the business, but seeing how it's already November and we still don't have product, I thought I should update a little. We had every intention of launching the clothing line in October, it was perfect timing since it coincided with Down Syndrome Awareness Month. When Sherry first started this endeavor, she was no longer working in corporate America. Since then, in order for her to fund this, and, not to mention, pay her bills, she has had to go back to work. She isn't able to spend as much time as she used to on it, so it's taking a little longer than expected. We still have our pattern maker, and have just recently brought on board someone to help with the production. We also have our website under construction. So although you don't see anything, yet, things are moving along, just mostly behind the scenes for now. Please bear with us, we have great ideas, and have used a lot of the comments that you have shared with us, so please, keep them coming. Thanks for your patience.

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