Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer 2011

By the Zoo overlooking Lake Michigan

At the Zoo

By the river looking at Main St. bridge

In front of the giant flower pot downtown

The kids and I have been busy this summer, it's the first since Peter passed away. For some reason, I am motivated to do activities with them. It also helps that they are older now, and listen much better! We walked around our downtown one day, looking at the yearly art projects. This year planters were painted by local artists and sponsored by local businesses. Our favorite one was sponsored by the bakery we love to go to, it was titled "Flour Power". We hit the ice cream parlor and then the library after walking in the hot sun. The ice cream and air conditioning hit the spot! On another day, we hit the beach with friends, we all got fried, even with sunscreen on! On the Fourth of July week-end we sat through our cities three hour parade, I was the only one who got burnt. Sherry hosted a cook-out, and then we hit the fireworks. I love the way the fireworks reflect off of Lake Michigan. We were exhausted after the long week-end. Yesterday we went to our zoo, it only costs a dollar for residents on Mondays. It sits right on the lake, it's a small zoo, but worth visiting at least once a year. We still have a few things left to do, especially our trip to Six Flags. All the kids received a ticket for reading six hours, so we only have to pay for drinks, and food. When you look into things, there are a lot of things to do in our area for cheap, or better yet, FREE!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer....

Until next time-

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