Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year Resolution

Happy New Year!! Everyone makes resolutions for the new year ahead, and I am no different. Getting back to writing this blog is one of my resolutions for this new year. It's already Friday of the first week of the new year, and I almost didn't do it! Isn't that typical though, so many people make those resolutions every year, only to break them within the first week.

You're probably wondering why I stopped writing, is it because we are no longer working on the clothing line? NO. I felt like I was repeating myself. The kids and I don't really lead an exciting life, it's always the same thing. Sherry and I are still trying to work on the issue of the pants. We have not been working on it full-time, we do it when we can. Once we get past this issue, I know we will come out swinging. It's getting to that point that has been difficult. We have so many great ideas for this clothing line, I hope you haven't lost faith.

The kids have gotten bigger, I put the most recent picture of them on my profile. Helen is going through a phase of not smiling for pictures. There are moments when I catch her smiling, but for the most part, she will frown instead. When she sees the picture, she'll comment on her look. "Mom, look, no smiles." I ask her, "Why didn't you smile?", she answers, "I don't know." Hopefully this will end soon, she has such a pretty smile. Since my last post, Katie, Ted, and Grace celebrated birthdays. Ted is now a teenager, and has the attitude to go with it. He is an awesome kid and is very helpful to me, but there are times when that attitude sneaks out. I have to remind myself, this too shall pass! All the kids are helpful around the house, some more than others. I look at them sometimes and can't believe how big they've all gotten. The other day I came across pictures of them soon after Peter died. At the time it didn't occur to me how little they were, but they were REALLY little! We have all come so far!

For the new year I am hoping this company will manufacture the new improved jeans, along with a few other things. Health and happiness for all our supporters, and all who read this blog. Thanks for your continued support, I will do my best at keeping this blog current!!

Until next time-
Take Care,

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