Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Helen Turns Twelve!!

Helen turns twelve!

Helen celebrated her twelfth birthday on Monday!! She was so excited about it, she couldn't focus at school last week. Kind of reminded me of my husband, who would celebrate his birthday for a week! She missed out on going shopping with her class for the ingredients to make soup. She loves to go shopping, she talks about it all week long. The teachers asked her to do things and she ignored them. When they told her she wouldn't be able to go shopping, it didn't phase her, she kept ignoring them. I received a phone call from her teacher after the rest of the class went shopping. Helen had given the teacher that stayed behind a hard time. She was naughty, getting into everything she wasn't supposed to. I had a long talk with Helen when she got home from school about her behavior. She knew she was naughty, but I could tell she was just very excited about her birthday coming up. I explained to her the things she enjoyed doing at school were going to get taken away from her because she wasn't listening. Her teachers were going to give her another chance on Friday. They were making soup that day, Helen loves to help. I received another phone call, Helen was not cooperating, she was sitting/laying on the floor and wouldn't get up. She would not help with the soup. They told her she would not be able to go swimming with her class if she didn't get off the floor. Helen LOVES to swim, in the summer, I can't get her out of the pool! I was surprised when she came home and her suit was dry. I read the note the teacher wrote to me, they had to take away swimming. She had a hard time focusing on school rules because of her birthday. This week, so far, has been a good one. I have had no phone calls from her teacher, and only good notes have come home. What a relief! Every year at the end of the school year, Helen starts to get bored. She is done, she is ready for the summer to begin. I was afraid she had reached that point already and had no idea what I would do about it. Now I don't have to worry....yet! She had a nice party with family, all her favorite people were here. It was a fun day.

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HailesHeartsFashion said...

She is so sweet :) My little brother Joshua (15) has a cheeky smile like that! Hope she had a great birthday!


Sue said...

Thanks Hayley, she had a lot of fun!!