Friday, January 27, 2012

Helen Dances At Basketball Game!

Helen is behind the girl in the blue shirt on the right

Last week I wrote about Katie and Grace participating in a cheer/pom clinic. I asked the coordinator if Helen could participate in future clinics, she said yes. Part of the clinic was to perform the routine they learned, at half time at the basketball game. When we arrived at the High School, Lori, the coordinator had a t-shirt for Helen. They had a water bottle they made with Helen's name on it, and they made a megaphone with her picture on it, just like the other girls. When the girls went to the clinic they had a picture taken by a professional photographer for the megaphone. Since Helen didn't have her picture taken, one of the high school girls went on my facebook page and grabbed a picture of her from there. They put a lot of thought into making Helen feel like one of the girls! Then Lori told me Helen was invited to participate in the dance. She was able to sit with all the girls and watch the game. When it was time to perform, she joined the girls on the gym floor. Katie was a little upset because Helen didn't know the routine and she didn't want her to look silly. I reassured her Helen would be fine, and she was. She followed along and did her own little dance. My friends that were there told me how much that touched them to see her with the other girls. I got tears in my eyes from watching ALL three of my girls dancing. I can't wait until the next clinic when she will learn the dance and definitely be a part of the group!!

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