Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Greetings from Boston!

Evan and I are in Boston this week, enjoying the city and its many sights and sites. Yesterday we visited the JFK Presidential Library and Museum. As we waited for the shuttle bus to take us from the T station to the library, I told him that the last time he was here he was in a stroller and his brother, sister, and cousins Meghan and Ryan (who joined us for that vacation) passed the wait time by pushing Evan's stroller up and down the T station ramps as fast as they could. He seemed really taken by the thought of that. I'm just astonished at how quickly time passes. On that earlier trip my older son, Alex, was the age Evan is now (10) and Evan was too young to remember any of the trip. Now Alex is finishing high school and getting ready to head off to Auburn University in the fall - and Evan actually enjoyed and learned a lot at the museum. Life is such a fast, whirling ride that sometimes I don't even see how quickly it's moving.

Anyway, since we're on the road I don't have anything to post about It'll Fit'll (except a reminder that we'll be back in Boston in early July for the convention of the National Down Syndrome Congress.)

It's going to be 51 degrees in Boston today - perfect for walking the Freedom Trail. Hope everyone's getting a bit of Spring these days.

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