Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Break

Have you been wondering what has happened to me, well, I'll tell you what...spring break! We had such a busy week I can't believe it's over already. Easter Sunday was very relaxing, it was just the kids and I. My brother Rick and his wife Anne Marie went to visit her family in Georgia, and as you know, Sherry was in Boston with her family. My brother John's wife, Chris, was stranded in Las Vegas (because of the snow storm we had here on Good Friday) and ended up getting a flight to Phoenix to be with her mom and my niece Meghan. John and my nephew Ryan spent the day alone, I told him he should have come over. The kids and I went to church and then just hung out all day. The Easter Bunny was very busy at my house, he hid about 60 eggs! The kids loved looking for them, they did miss a couple, I know, because I sat on one!

On Monday I had a root canal done, and then was fitted for a crown. Did you know that you can have an infection under your tooth from trauma caused to the tooth over 20 years ago? I didn't know that. My infection was not bad, and not painful at all, it showed up on an x-ray. My infection was caused by an old filling that had weakened the tooth, I didn't know that could happen either. I was very surprised by how very little it hurt, it was more painful to write the check! That night we celebrated Robbie's birthday, he turned seven.

Tuesday I took all of the kids to get a haircut, my hairdresser Linda is a brave soul! She rents out space within another hair salon, it is very small. She put the kids out by the shampoo bowls and gave them some toys to play with. To my surprise, the girls were the loudest! Helen had gotten hold of a green crayon and found the nice white wall was a great looking canvas...scribbles everywhere. I tried my best to wipe it off, Linda was going to bring her pen (the kind that gets crayon off of walls) the next day to get what was left. Helen got her haircut right above her shoulders, it used to hit the middle of her back. She was starting to play with it all the time, it was becoming a distraction in school, not to mention how tangled it would become. She looks very cute, and her hair looks healthier.

Wednesday Helen had a doctors appointment at Children's with her Endocrinologist, it was just a check up. It went very well, I will know more when the test results are in. I'm hoping her dose will not have to be adjusted, but it may just need to. I noticed she has her tummy back, she gained about 5 lbs. since her appointment for her sinus infection a month ago. She is the first one to wake up in the morning, she gets into anything that she can find. I have to hide things before I go to bed, and make sure the cabinet and refrigerator are locked. One morning I followed a trail of fudgesicle wrappers to where Helen was sitting watching TV, eating one. This is where you would hear a heavy sigh....I had forgotten to lock the refrigerator the night before. Ted had a birthday party to attend in the next town over, so the rest of the kids and I went to Burger King for dinner, and the kids played. It worked out perfectly.

Thursday was the only day we didn't have anything to do, well, the kids didn't have anything to do. I got caught up on housework and laundry. I needed to start getting the house ready for Robbie's birthday party, which we had today.

Friday we met with Robbie's Tiger Den at the local radio station to get a tour, that was fun. The station manager gave us the tour, he told us that you didn't need a college degree to become a radio DJ. He made it very clear that you do need to go to college so that if things didn't pan out with the radio, you would have something to fall back on. I joked with one of the mom's about maybe one day she would hear my voice over the radio...I would love to have a radio show. All of the DJ's they have at that station have been there a very long time, so it's a very low turn over, but, you never know.

Saturday Katie and Robbie both had birthday parties to attend, they had a great time. I was once again trying to get my house in order. I noticed most of the snow had melted in my backyard, underneath all that snow were little piles of...did you know we had a dog? I got most of it up, there was still some snow left in places. I'll have to go out there again sometime this week and finish up, but it does look and smell much better!

Today we had Robbie's party, he was very excited about everyone coming over just for him. It doesn't take much to make a child feel special. It was an enjoyable afternoon, and to those of you reading this that were here, I hope you enjoyed yourselves.

I'm off to watch my movie that was sent to me, we had to move movie night from Saturday to Thursday, due to Robbie's party. I haven't had a chance to watch mine yet, tonight's the night!
Now you can see why I didn't have a chance to write my blog this week, and also to see how busy life can be for this single parent.

Until next time-
Take Care,
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