Friday, March 21, 2008

Snow, Cupcakes, and Netflix

The snow is falling again! The news is saying we can expect up to 15", the largest snowfall of the season, and I thought it was spring! The airport just grounded all of their flights, they are hoping to reschedule for this evening. What a way to start the Easter week-end. I'm hoping the people I know who had travel plans were able to get out before the snow fell, otherwise, what a headache! I spent the week preparing for spring break. I hit the grocery stores and Target, stocking up on everything we need, we are good to go!

I'm feeling better, I had a stomach bug of some sorts. Only half of the kids came down with it, and the ones that did, it only lasted for a few hours. Once they had a good nights sleep, they were feeling fine. Mine lasted days, nothing that knocked me off my feet, just the feeling of having a "sour" stomach.

At the kid's school they have hot lunch on Wednesdays, some of the mom's cook and serve it. Once or twice a month the kids get homemade cupcakes for dessert. At the beginning of the year we sign up for what week we would like to bring them in, they are usually themed. My last day for baking them was this past Wednesday (Easter theme), so I baked on Tuesday night. I have a cupcake holder to put them in because it so much easier to transport them. I put the container on the counter, not thinking...Helen got into them. I went into the kitchen to get their breakfast, and there she was, sitting by the refrigerator, cupcake in hand!! She had licked the frosting off of four of them, my heart sank. I called her teacher warning her of what could follow...tummy cramps. When I dropped the cupcakes off at the school they laughed and told me not to worry, they usually have extras. Helen never had any accidents at school that day, just a lot of gas. Her teacher gave the kids an extra treat that day for being so good about not laughing when Helen passed gas. I can only imagine what the air was like in the room that day...

I want to know why nobody ever told me about Netflix, like it was a secret or something. I signed up for a trial period of two weeks and fell in love. We didn't rent movies, something I missed very much. Peter and I used to rent all the time, we enjoyed the hunt of finding that one perfect movie. We could spend an hour going through movie after movie, trying to talk each other into the one that we picked. When we moved to Wisconsin, Peter would go to the library and get the movies. He would come home with some that I would have never agreed to, he also favored foreign films. I have to admit, they were usually very good. When the kids and I moved to this house I started movie night. We all get into our pajamas, grab our blankets and pillows, make popcorn, turn off the lights and watch movies. We would always have to settle for what was on TV, or what they had to offer on PPV. Now with Netflix, the skies the limit. We have seen some very good movies so far. It was a very pleasant experience going through the list and choosing what we wanted. They put the movies in order of when they wanted to see them. If there was a dispute, it didn't matter if there was yelling involved, I was the only one that could hear them. They like going online to see what's coming next, and to choose more movies. Movie night is much more enjoyable now that we are in control of what we watch.

Tomorrow we will be coloring eggs for the Easter bunny, the kids are getting very excited. I hope all of you who are celebrating Easter on Sunday have a wonderful day.

Until next time-
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