Thursday, March 6, 2008

"Service Engine Soon"

I received my license plate renewal notice along with a note telling me I had to run my car through emissions in order to renew. Two days later the "service engine soon" light came on, UGGGHHHH!!! Why is it every time I have to go through emissions, that light comes on!!?! Two years ago the exact same thing happened, but Peter was still alive, so he dealt with it. You want to know how?...he ignored it! Guess who ended up dealing with it after! I ran it through and it failed, I drove around with expired plates for months. At one point I noticed the light hadn't been on for days, so I quick ran it through, and it passed. This time around, I took it to the garage to have the mechanics take a look. It's getting up there in age, and it's the only car I have so I need to take care of it. One of the oxygen sensors was no good, so they replaced it. Noah was in heaven!!! Once again the mechanics name was "John", and Noah got right down on the floor with him as he went under the car. He was fascinated with everything in that garage, it was like a playground to him. The mechanics got a big kick out him and told me how cute he was. I think Noah will be just like my brother John when it comes to fixing things, and working on cars. He didn't even mind getting dirty from the floor!

I took Helen to the doctor yesterday, she has a sinus infection, and very dry skin. The last infection she had was in December, so we're doing very well this winter. I remember a few winters ago, it seemed like she was on an antibiotic the whole season! All of us have been pretty healthy, until now that is! Helen has the sinus infection, Katie has a cough that keeps her up at night, Grace and Noah have runny noses, and I feel like I'm fighting off what all of them have put together! Ted and Robbie are the only ones who don't have any symptoms...yet. Robbie has birthday parties to go to this weekend, one on Saturday, and also on Sunday. He will be exhausted come Sunday night!! Katie has Girl Scout Mass on Sunday morning, I'm hoping she gets involved, she told me she wants to, I'm going to play it by ear. She is doing fantastic at school, she has spoken to her teacher everyday since she started almost two weeks ago. She has received her happy meal for the first five days of talking, and is now one sticker away from receiving a sundae from Dairy Queen. This means she has talked to her teacher for nine days straight, tomorrow will be ten!!! I told her I'll have to make sure I have money so we can stop and get ice cream after school. She had a huge smile on her face, me too, when Katie gets ice cream, we all get ice cream!!!

I'm off to take a couple Advil, get in my pj's, and make some hot tea.
Until next time-
Take care,
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