Monday, January 16, 2012

Basketball Season

It's basketball season and we are very busy. Robbie was in tournament last week, his team made it to the championship game. They lost 35-24. His team played hard, but the team they played against had a star player that couldn't be stopped. Tonight is their first game of another tournament they're going to be in, this one goes into next week. They play tonight, and then again next Monday. How well they do will determine if they advance or not. I have a feeling some of the same teams will be playing in this tournament that played in the last one. There was one team that had a player who was a poor sport. He would put himself in a position that our boys would foul him, that way he would be able to shoot two. They beat us in the last seconds of the game by him doing was awful! Katie's team isn't doing too well this season. They lost two of their key players to another team. They played against them this past week-end and lost....big! Katie made the first basket of the game, and it went down hill from there. I think her making that basket gave her a lot of confidence, she ended up fouling out in the last quarter.

Ted went camping in a cave with the Boy Scouts. They told him to bring clothes he could throw away if necessary because they get so dirty crawling around in these caves. I went to Goodwill and bought him $4.00 jeans so I wouldn't be upset if he ruined them. When he unpacked them yesterday, they didn't look too bad. I may be able to save them, which would be a good thing, then Ted has a couple more pair of pants. He said he had a great time but didn't have the nerve to go down one hole. They called that hole, the birth canal. It's a very tight hole that they climb into then slide down into the next level. He said he was okay until one of the guys made a comment at the end of the hole and it freaked him out. His Scoutmaster talked with him and he was going to give it another try, but ran out of time. I told him he can try again in a couple of years, when they go again. I asked him about bats in the cave and he told me they were hibernating. He was cool, calm, and collected when he talked about that. I told him I would have freaked out, he laughed at me!

Katie and Grace went to a cheer/pom clinic yesterday at the Catholic High School. They are going to perform during half time at the basketball game tomorrow night. They are both so excited. I talked with the woman who runs this clinic twice a year. She went to school for special education. She told me next time, Helen can join too. I'm so excited, Helen loves this kind of stuff, but doesn't have anything available for her around she does!! Last year when I was working with the girls on their variety show routine, Helen was right there watching. She knew all the moves! I could put her in any position, and she knew exactly what to do, it was awesome.

We had a very busy week-end, those are the kind I like, especially when it's full of the kid's activities!

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