Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

I had a good time at the fundraiser on Saturday, I couldn't believe the turn out, it was terrible. We had a 50/50 raffle, the prize was $65.00, how sad is that? I did have a good time with the people who were there. Our reunion is in August, the day before my birthday, I am going to celebrate and get a room at the hotel where it's taking place. Last year my birthday was spent in the hospital holding vigil next to Peter's bedside. I am at the beginning of a difficult summer, I think I mentioned that last time. I keep thinking about where we were last year, Mayo Clinic. We had met with the specialist and went through many tests and were staying the night to meet with the doctor in the morning to get the results of all the tests. We had also found out Peter had steroid induced diabetes and his blood sugar level was in the 500's. The doctor wanted to get him started on insulin injections right away but he said no, he wanted to try medication first. I remember it was a beautiful night and we took a walk around the downtown area where our hotel was located, which wasn't too far from the clinic. We ended up in the memorial park across from the building we had been in earlier, it was very nice. It was also the day I had Indian food for the first time, WOW, was that HOT!!! Peter loved Indian food, he usually got it when he was working that is why I had never had it, I'm glad we went there. I miss him very, very deeply.

I am hosting another party at my house on Sunday, it is Noah's second birthday plus it's Memorial Day week-end. I remember last year Peter's sister said to me how difficult it must be for him to wonder if he would be around for his son's second birthday, here we are and he isn't. Noah is getting so big, he is really starting to talk, some of it you can understand and some you can't. I love it when he says, "Tank Tou Mom!" (thank you mom) he sounds so cute.

Helen's sinus infection is back, it never really cleared up, so she is back on antibiotics and doing well. Her blood work came back for the Celiac, it was higher than it was the last time we were there, that's not good. I told him how her diet has changed and didn't understand why the numbers would be going in the wrong direction. The doctor said she must have eaten wheat very close to the blood test for that to have happened. Tomorrow she is in her class play "Stone Soup", I can't wait to see it. I don't know about all of you but this is definitely a busy time for us, there is something always going on. Not to mention the cleaning, laundry, cutting the grass, and watering the flowers I have to do. Katie is graduating from preschool tomorrow, she is very excited. Robbie isn't happy with the thought of Katie and him both being kindergartners at the same time. He wanted to know how many days after Katie did he graduate from Kindergarten and become a first grader! I told him exactly a week, he was not very pleased!

Don't forget about our measurement party on June 3rd, I hope to see you there.

Today was hard.
Until next time-
Take Care,

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