Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Squish, Squish

I hope all of you mothers had a wonderful day on Sunday, I did. After my siblings came over and we all cooked brunch, my mom, my kids, and I went to the nursery to buy flowers for my yard. I think it's going to look nice, even without my bushes being planted yet, that's another story! To be honest with you I was dreading the day and wished I could go to bed on Saturday and not wake up until Monday. I am at the point now where looking back to a year ago the memories are filled with Peter having the brain tumor and all we did to fight it. Up until now looking back was filled with nice memories where everyone was healthy and happy, so I feel I have reached another milestone, I really can't explain the feeling.

We had some more excitement here last night, so much that my mom was ready to walk out the door because she said her heart couldn't take it. I had a mandatory meeting last night at the boy's school that would take about an hour. I didn't think there would be any problems, especially since the boys were here, they are good about alerting me to naughty behavior. I didn't take my cell phone which was my fault, I should have taken it and put it on vibrate, I wasn't thinking. I leave the meeting and I am a block away from the school when I notice my neighbors in their truck about to cross the street. He rolls down his window and tells me I have trouble at home, my mind starts racing, what could have possibly happened? I was hoping I wouldn't go home to paramedics parked out front, I was quite frantic and couldn't get home quick enough. When I pulled into the garage no little person opened the door to the house to welcome me, that's usually what they do, so I got even more worried. I opened the door to my mom using her stern voice and a whole bunch of commotion. I counted heads, six, no one was injured or missing, good sign, I still couldn't figure out what the problem was. I walk towards the bathroom, squish, squish, I try the door, locked. I went and got a screwdriver and opened the door, the toilet had overflowed, water was everywhere. My mom was so upset because nobody would come clean on who did it, all fingers pointed at Helen. That made my mom even more mad to place the blame on her because according to her Helen was in the living room the whole time. My mom told me she was going home, I told her she couldn't until the doctor gave the okay, she told me she didn't care her heart couldn't take it. She thinks only the bad stuff happens when she is here alone with the kids, I had to point out a ton of things the kids have done with me. I also pointed out to her their ages, how they were just being kids, and these things happen when you have so many of them! I finally got everyone calmed down, and started to clean up the mess. I have a fan going to dry the carpet, and a ton of laundry to do. I also found out what happened by "interrogating" everyone I could get an answer from. Helen and Noah were playing in the bathroom and put a lot of toilet paper in the toilet, this is not the first time. Teddy went in to use the bathroom and saw all the paper in the toilet but still flushed, you all know what happens next. As to the bathroom door getting locked, that too was Helen and Noah playing with the doorknob, again, something that has happened before. It is a habit for Teddy to close the door behind him. Since being potty trained there has always been someone smaller than him to go and play in the bathroom, so I would put door handle locks on the door. I remind him constantly that he doesn't need to do that anymore because Noah is usually pretty good about staying out of there, unless Helen's around! Mystery solved! My mom has recovered and I have finally learned, the hard way, she can't be left alone with the kids, only when they are sleeping!

This Saturday I am going to a fundraiser for my High School reunion, I'm looking forward to it, I need a night out! I will let you know how that goes.

Until next time-
Take Care,

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