Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

It's Memorial Day.

It's a Monday, one of my two "blogging days" of the week.

I've tried a few times to write a post for today. I've sat in front of the empty template for too, too long and come up blank. I can't write about a business or clothing issue today. That seems like too much blah, blah, blah today. Instead I keep thinking about how Memorial Day during a war feels so much more somber than during peace time. I keep thinking about those soldiers and their families - throughout our entire history - who have "laid so costly a sacrifice upon the alter of freedom" as Lincoln put it to Mrs. Bixby. The deep sadness of it, the immediacy and prevalence of it these days. For me, this year is one to really live the idea of Memorial Day and honor those who have served and sacrificed.

I am also distracted by a different kind of memorial activity. I keep thinking about my father. My father - our father: mine and Susie's and Rick's and John's - died 38 years ago today. He was a field engineer, driving home from a business trip. He fell asleep at the wheel and his van ran off the road into a telephone pole. He died relatively quickly - before they got him to the hospital. He was so far away from home and so young - 38 years old.

Today, this blogging Monday, I'll leave everyone to their own Memorial Day thoughts.

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