Wednesday, June 27, 2007

7 Nights of Sleep Until My Next Blog....

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying the summer so far. Last Thursday was my day to do anything I wanted, do you know what I did? I went shopping, grocery shopping that is! Yep, I did chores instead of playing!! I went to at least 4 different grocery stores, and Shopko for pull-ups. If you knew me personally you would not be surprised whatsoever with the choice I made. When I know something needs to be done, I don't rest until I take care of it. We needed groceries and it was sooooo much easier without the kids in tow! My friend Catherine seemed to do okay with everyone, and the kids had a blast. She took them yesterday also, they went to the park for a picnic, that's all I heard about all week-end. They started a countdown on Friday that seemed to last forever. They were keeping track of how many times they would go to bed before the picnic, how many times they would eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner before the picnic. They even tried to estimate how many times they would swing before the picnic!!! Needless to say, they had a blast with her yesterday, added bonus, her hubby was there too. I bet you're wondering what I did, well, I went to the cemetery and planted flowers in front of the monument, the side that didn't have any. It looked lopsided and Pete from Everlasting Memorials told me he is sending people to look at his work, so it needed to look decent. By the time I was done and got home it was time to pick the kids up, so I didn't play yesterday either!! Next Tuesday is my next day, I have an eye doctor appointment, I think I need reading glasses. One of these times maybe I can get someone to meet me for lunch, or even a movie. If I schedule something then I have no excuse not to play, I think that's what I need to do.

As Sherry mentioned, I will not be at the conference the first week-end in August. That does not mean that I didn't want to be there, I would love the opportunity to meet some of you, but I really need to have a night of no worries! This past year has been a difficult one and it just got a little harder. I have remained strong for my kids, even when I didn't want to, I have had a huge responsibility on my shoulders, I need one night to feel free and not have a care in the world. I'm looking forward to spending the evening with old friends. My good friend that grew up around the corner from us is spending the night with me in the hotel. We had lost touch with each other and just recently she ran into my sister-in-law and gave her phone number to pass on to me. We talked for about 4 hours that first night, and we have had many conversations since. She has gone through terrible times with her ex-husband(he abandoned her and their two kids), and so we feel like we are in the same boat, we got there on different paths, but we are still in the same place. Does that make sense? It will still be a hard week-end for me considering where I was a year ago. I will make the best of it, I will stay strong, and I will definitely try my best to have a good time! With a room full of old friends, how could I not?

Helen started summer school yesterday, the bus is such a nightmare!!! He was late yesterday, and today his bus broke down, so of course he was late! I got a message from her summer school teacher that said she was such a nice little girl and she was cooperating and trying really hard. She then thanked me for sending her, which was very nice. I then wrote back and said, "I hope you still feel that way a month from now!!!" I then explained how Helen will be when she feels comfortable with them. She is all sugar and spice right now but as soon as she settles in with the new teachers, she will show her stubbornness, her silliness, and her need for the slide!!! This summer will be interesting from that aspect, I can't wait to see what the notes in the future will read!

Tomorrow I have a ton of cleaning to do, I worked on the garage today since my car was in the shop. It needed new back brakes, the front brakes had a malfunction (I had them done in Feb.), oil change, fuel filter change, and one of the belts was squeaking. Hopefully I won't have to do anything with the car for awhile, besides the oil change of course. This week-end is Greek Fest, I think we will go on Sunday, I'm hoping my sisters-in-law will come up and join us. Last year it was the week-end of Father's Day, Peter had his biopsy the prior Thursday, we had received the results that Saturday. He was feeling up to it so we went for dinner on Father's Day, the kids had a blast, little did we know, it would be his last.

I'm hanging in there.
Until next time-
Take care,

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