Monday, June 4, 2007


Susie and I and our brothers, Rick and John, are heartbroken. Our Mom - Helen Burke - died on Friday. She was the best possible mother and a wonderful mother-in-law too. She gave us each the great gifts of laughter, a sense of humor, a spirit of generosity, a deep appreciation for each other and the value and comfort of family. For me, though, the best gift was that I always knew that I was loved unconditionally. Too, my Mom was prouder of me than reason could justify. A child could not ask for more.

Wasn't she beautiful? She never thought so. She was 20-something in this picture.

I think I will write about Mom later this week. Right now, I can't think clearly enough to put my emotions and reflections in writing. Right now I'm still feeling my way through it more than I am thinking. I will say this, though. My Mom believed in me and Susie and our ability to make It'll Fit'll a success. When she was recuperating at Susie's house, she'd sit in a chair next to the computer and have Susie read the blog entries to her. Susie's daughter, Helen, who's the inspiration for this company, was named after Mom. Now we are inspired by 2 very, very special Helens to make this vision a success.

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