Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jilted By The Tooth Fairy

I am going to try this again, I tried to post last night and received an error message. When I tried to retrieve my post, POOF!, it was gone. I then started over again and thought, I better save this, when trying to do so I received the error message again. I decided to wait until this morning to try again, it was getting late and I was tired.

Wednesdays are going to be our busiest evening, Ted, Robbie, and Katie have Greek school, and Helen has religion class. For those of you who are not Greek or have not seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Greek school teaches the kids about the culture, how to dance, and to speak, read, and write in Greek. Peter and his sisters went when they were younger along with all of their friends who were Greek. I feel it is especially important for them to go now, Peter isn't here to expose them to all things Greek. My kids are half Greek, Peter was born there and immigrated when he was four years old. They need to understand where their roots are and hopefully one day visit the village where their dad was born. They will be able to speak the language and therefore not feel like "outsiders". They seemed to enjoy their first night, Katie even spoke! Next week is Helen's first day back at religion class, she absolutely loves it. I am hoping this year they will work with her more on appropriate behavior in church. Last year the teacher took them into the church and talked about different things within the church and touched a little on how to act. I did see a slight improvement with her for a couple of weeks, but then classes were over and she went back to being loud. It will come together in time, until then we will keep sitting in the family room (cry room)!!

We have had a visit from the tooth fairy, twice! Helen lost her tooth while at school and she didn't swallow it, yeah!, this is the first tooth that I have of hers to save. Robbie lost his tooth a couple of days after Helen. We will be having another visit soon, Helen's other front tooth is loose and is about to fall out. Robbie was so excited to have lost a tooth, it has been awhile since he lost his first one. He put it in a ziploc bag and stuck it under his pillow hoping to cash it in for a dollar. I was so tired that it slipped my mind that Robbie was hoping to strike it rich in the morning. He was getting ready for school when he remembered his tooth under his pillow. He ran yelling into his bedroom, "I have to see if I got a dollar!" All was quiet after that until I saw Robbie come walking slowly into the living room with his lip down to the floor. It was at that point I remembered and thought, "Oh CRAP!!!!!" Robbie said to me very sadly, "The tooth fairy took my tooth but didn't leave me a dollar." Poor Robbie thought he had been jilted by the tooth fairy. I told him I would go and see if I could find it, I thought this was my opportunity to make good for the tooth fairy. He followed me. I grabbed Noah as my cover and told Robbie as soon as I was done changing Noah I would look, and for him to finish getting ready for school. It worked! I grabbed a dollar from my dresser and threw it under his bed aiming for the head of the bed. I then frantically searched for that tooth and was successful at that mission also, I stuck it in my pocket. Thank goodness Robbie is a wild sleeper, I have teased him on many occasions that he is just like his dad in that way, he always smiles. I then called him to come back, I had found his money! He was a happy camper when he saw the dollar on the floor, he crawled under and grabbed it, coming out with a huge smile on his face, minus one tooth! He said to me, "Look at my covers, I'm sure wild when I sleep, just like Daddy!"

Helen had open house at her school the other night. She lead the way from one class to the next, to the gym, and what I thought our next stop to be, the library, but was not. Helen and the other kids got way ahead of me, I knew where the library was so I figured I would meet them there. The library is just down the main hall from the office, where they had a couple of tables set up for PTA and ordering yearbooks. When I turned the corner and saw all the congestion surrounding the tables I wondered if my kids all made it through. As I got closer I saw Robbie motioning to me to "hurry up", I was holding Noah at this time because I didn't want to lose him. I watched Robbie walk past the Library so I thought maybe they were going back to Helen's kindergarten class. When I turned another corner I saw Helen way ahead of me heading out the door towards the playground. I picked up my pace and made it out there, letting them all know I wasn't happy we were outside. Helen got blamed, they told me, "She led us out here, and we couldn't stop her!" Well, I know Helen all too well and know my kids were speaking the truth. Once Helen catches sight of a playground she is off and running. I did a head count and came up with five, uh-oh. I looked around and did another one, I guess I was hoping number six would pop out from somewhere, again, five. Realizing it was Katie who was missing made my heart sink. I told Ted to keep watch on the kids and to stay put, I knew they weren't going to leave the playground. I went back into the school thinking Katie probably went back to Helen's kindergarten class, it is located right inside the door. As I was peeking my head in the door I heard over the loud speaker, "Will the parent of Katie please report to the office to pick her up." I was expecting to see a little girl crying, maybe even screaming, when I walked up. I was pleasantly surprised to find a little girl waiting against the wall, people watching, no tears at all. She smiled when she saw me and we went to collect the rest of the kids. It was then that I realized, they didn't know Katie at this school, how did they know who she was. She told them her name, YOO-HOO!!! What a huge accomplishment for her, I was so proud. I had to pry Helen off the monkey bars, it was time to go home even though I didn't get see all of her teachers. On the way to the car Helen told me, "Mommy, fun!!!" That just topped my evening, Helen has never shared her feelings about anything unless I ask. On her own she told me she had fun!!! I left my house thinking it would be just another school open house. Instead I had two of my daughters making huge strides towards becoming young ladies. What an evening!:o)

Until next time-
Take Care,

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Donna said...

Hi Sue,
Happy Friday! I so enjoyed reading your blog today. What an amazing family you have. You sound like such a patient loving Mom! I seriously don't know how you manage 6 little ones! I only had three when my husband died, and some days it just didn't seem like I would make it through. You must really have a wonderful support system.

Laurie has a new whole Medical team now. We lost her family doctor last February, when he passed away from pneumonia! Can you imagine that, a Dr dying from pneumonia! Any way, we had him since 1984, so it was a real blow to us.

So, now she is in a HMO (Kaiser) and it is very different from having your own personal physician. And Laurie is now 28, and isn't as outgoing and loving as she was when she was a cute little toddler! So, things can be a bit tricky, and her health isn't so great.

We are seeing a new cardiologist on Monday, and I retrieved her previous medical records today and was reading them, and it just made me cry! I know she is overweight, but when the cardiologist calls her "morbidly obese" (she is about 40 lbs overweight) I just don't know what to do! I do portion control her diet, but she just will not exercise, and she does have sleep apnea, is on a CPAP machine, has Hep C from one of her surgeries, arthritis in her knees, and well, you name it, she has it!! I'm sorry. I guess I am just having a little pity party today!

Our Buddy Walk is next weekend 10/6 and we will try to get Laurie to do the one mile walk. Wish us luck!!!

When I read about Helen, I remember when Laurie was little, and I smile. It is a wonderful time, cherish and enjoy every moment, as hard and frustrating as they are sometimes. Time flies by very fast!

Have a wonderful weekend. Love to you and your family.
(aka DonnaJean fr the Ross Blog)

Sue said...

Thank you DonnaJean for your continued support. I have my days also, but I can't let them get to me, my kids are watching and taking notes! If my life turns out half as good as my mom's, I'll feel lucky. She raised four of us on her own(my dad died in 1969), and we all turned out okay. I know she was proud.

I'm sorry to hear you had to find a new doctor for Laurie. I cherish ours and don't know what I'd do if I suddenly lost her. Good luck on Monday with the cardiologist. I think those appointments are more stressful on the parent than the child. My thoughts will be with you.

Everyone is entitled to a pity party every now and then, you wouldn't be human if you didn't! Have fun at your Buddy Walk!:o)

Take Care,