Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Would You Like To Buy A Candy Bar?

Helen had her regular check up a few weeks ago, she looks great!! Her pediatrician has been keeping an eye on her white blood count because it has been low. She was checked again this time and sure enough, it was low again. Her doctor has been in touch with a specialist and just informed me earlier this evening there is nothing to worry about. She will get a CBC once a year just to see where Helen is at with numbers. When Helen gets a fever of 101.5 degrees F or above I am to take her to the office so they can get a blood sample and see if her white blood cells kick into action and do their job. Tomorrow we are heading to Children's for an appointment with her Endocrinologist. I think I mentioned a few weeks back that her thyroid levels were perfect, this is her check up with them. I'm hoping she will not have to get poked, but you never know. I'm getting blood work done tomorrow, my six month check up is next week for my thyroid.

Helen is loving school, she really enjoys her teachers, I am lucky. Her school principal has worked it out so the assistant is in her classroom most of the day. Her teacher is in the process of updating her IEP, so we should be meeting very soon to make the changes. Our advocate from The Arc has looked over Helen's IEP and has made her suggestions, I agree with all of them. I am quite confident her teacher will agree with them also. Everything is falling into place. My other kids are adjusting quite nicely to school, Katie has even spoken a few times to her teacher and to friends, HOORAY!!!!

My kids have chocolate bars to sell for their school's fundraiser, there are fifty to a box, we received three boxes. We have a hard time selling one box!!! This past week-end we had a birthday party for Ted, he sold a lot to our family. On Sunday after church we went around our block to try and sell some more. Helen and Noah were in the stroller (remember, they are partners in crime), Katie and Grace rang doorbells, Ted was the salesman, and Robbie collected the money! It was actually quite organized, I had nothing to do with it, they all took a job. Altogether our week-end sales totaled $26.00, WOO-HOO!!!! My brother Rick offered to take a box and sell them at his school (he's a teacher). He called me on Monday after school, he had sold $26.00 worth in ONE DAY! On Tuesday I received another call, he had sold the rest!! He came by last night to drop off the money and pick up the rest of our candy, I'm sure he will have it sold by the week-end!!!

I hope to see some of you at the Buddy Walk on Sunday, Helen will be there along with Ted and Robbie, the rest of my clan will be with Uncle Rick and Aunt Annie. We usually all go, but since this time I will be working and it's going to be such a long day, it's best if the younger ones stay behind. It's going to be FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!

Until next time-
Take Care,

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sue! DonnaJean here from the RossBlog. Hope the Buddy Walk was successful! Ours is on Oct 6th. and as hard as it will be to get Laurie to do that 1 mile walk, I am sure going to try!

I have read most of your past blog entries, and am very heartened by your resilience and strength. But, being a widow myself, I know that you have those deep dark moments when you are by yourself. Its ok to have those. I still have them, and my husband has been gone since 1984. My girls were 10, 5, and Laurie was just 4 and a half. So, I know the struggles you have.

I am still interested in the clothes! I have a very hard time getting any dresses/skirts to fit her. She is a little on the heavy side, weighs 150 and is only about 4' 9". Pants/jeans are tough too. She does fit into a size 18 jean, and then I have to have about half of that cut off! And then the style is just kind of funky. I don't know if you will be doing any clothes for the "young adult", but if you do, please let me know. My email address is

Hope you and your family have a fabulous Sunday, and a terrific Walk!

Sue said...

Thank you for taking the time to come to our blog. We will eventually have clothes for the "young adult", we don't know exactly when as of yet. Keep checking with us!!

Thanks for the support!!!
Take Care,