Monday, September 17, 2007

A Lovely Buddy Walk Experience

Sherry, Evan, Noah, Susie, Grace

Susie and I, and our children, spent a lovely day yesterday at the Down Development Council's 9th Annual Buddy Walk. From the adult perspective it was a very good day. The weather was perfect, the attendees, organizers, and the other exhibitors were welcoming and supportive, and the walk itself was a nice stretch of the legs and very well attended.

From the kids' perspective it was a great day. There was a section of the grounds that was an inflatable wonderland - a castle, dragon, maze, slide, ridable horses that kids rode/bounced around an inflated track enclosure. There were hot dogs and chips and pop ice cream and free games - with prizes! - and sun and fresh air and open space and a huge bowl of Tootsie Rolls and lollipops at our table to which the kids helped themselves often. Evan told me many times that he was having a great time. He's already looking forward to next year's event.

I wish we could have gotten all of Susie's kids in the picture above, but that was impossible. Helen would not be budged from the inflatable paradise (in fact she was even there when it was a deflated plastic footprint of its former self) and Teddy, Robbie and Katie were similarly preoccupied.

We had many, many nice conversations with Buddy Walk participants and got some great insights and suggestions. Folks posed several questions to us and I realized that you guys might have the same questions, but not the live conversation in which to ask them. So, I'll answer a number of those questions with blog entries - beginning tomorrow. Talk with you then.

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